Site Suggestions

I was just informed today that by going for an I.B. Diploma in high school next year as a Senior, I will have no life for the course of the year. :p

So, this summer, I HAVE TO FINISH THIS SITE! Scans! Content! Layout! Spreading the word that we exist (we need more visitors!)! EVERYTHING I POSSIBLY CAN WORK ON! If I get the permanent content out of the way, it will be much easier on me next year, as I will only have to worry about news and minor content updates.

Since I am so disorganized at the moment, I need people to post in this thread what I need to work on for the summer. In reference to scans, please post the top three sets you would like to be put up, and I will edit those first. I have a month of school left, so I will be working on the layout. When school ends, I’ll start on the scans and content. Just post everything that you think should be added to the site and what I need to fix on the site. If I just completely work on the site nonstop for one whole week, I am sure I could get at least five sets of scans done. POST YOUR SUGGESTIONS FOR A BETTER POKEBEACH, NO MATTER HOW WACKY THEY ARE! The worst that could happen is that it doesn’t happen. XD

Also, here is a pre-prerelease template of how the layout will look. Don’t like it? Hate it? Then say so! I won’t put it up if people hate it. I’ll put one up that most people like, and if you think you have a better idea in mind, then post it!