Gyarados, Latios

There hasn’t really been any new Pokemon news lately. Tomorrow I will be going to the Los Angeles Journey Across America Tour, and hopefully they will have some sort of new information about something. I am going to say this right now – there will be no April Fools jokes tomorrow. The reason I am saying this is so that if I do get some new information from someone tomorrow, people don’t go around and say I am lying and that it is an April Fools joke. So, anything posted here tomorrow will not be an April Fools joke, although I can’t guarantee it for next year. :p

Gyarados * AND Latios

EDIT #2: Latios added to forum thread.

EDIT: Whoops, apparently people cannot see the image when I link to it from an attachment on the forums. I just got my laptop back, and I haven’t installed any of my programs, so I can’t upload anything to my site. So, if you want to see the image, click “View/Add Comments” below this news story to see the image of Gyarados * in the forum topic. Sign up on the forums while you are there too. :D

Hmm… Card number 102…