12/20: Still not done with my tasks for today. I had to re-do all of the set lists manually since I have changed the format for them, and then I found at that I forgot to include a certain tag, so I had to go back and re-do them again. All in all, I want to rip my hair out, since I spent way too much time on the stupid lists and did not finish the Dragon scans. So, nothing for today, but I should have the lists up tomorrow and should have the Dragon scans finished. Yet again, I do not finish on time. -_-;

Just running in real quick. My internet was down the entire weekend due to some sort of outage, so I just today started working on the EX Dragon scans. The scans were on my old laptop, and the only way I would be able to get them off it would be to upload them to my site, and then re-download them on to the computer I would be editing them on. So, without the internet, I couldn’t exactly edit them. ^_^; As of now, I have finished 60 out of 100 of the scans, and will probably finish 10 more tonight. Tomorrow, I’ll finish them up, and upload them, then start on EX Sandstorm, since I am now behind in schedule. My plans for Christmas Break:

• Tues, Dec. 20th: Finish Dragon, Start Sandstorm, Upload all of the set list pages
• Wed, Dec. 21st: Finish Sandstorm, Start R/S, Start Organizing Fake Card Blanks, Community Service from 7 AM – 8 PM
• Thur, Dec. 22nd: Finish R/S, Start Writing Fake Card Section, Fix Watermarks
• Fri, Dec. 23rd: Work on Fake Card Blanks Section, possibly finish
• Sat, Dec. 24th: Uhh, hello, it’s Christmas Eve, time to prove that SANTA IS A JYNX!!!! (and finish up Fake Card Blanks section)
• Sun, Dec. 25th: Display on national television that Santa is a Jynx and that she steals little kids’ dollies. (and CELEBI-R-A-T-E with my iPod video)
• Mon, Dec. 26th: Work on Nintendo Promo Scans
• Tues, Dec. 27th: Finish Nintendo Promos, update Modified Carddex with Delta and Promos
• Wed, Dec. 28th: Work on something with the site that I don’t feel like explaining
• Thurs, Dec. 29th: Do two or three pages of my AP US terms, read Ch. 21 of AP US book
• Fri, Dec. 30th: Start Scarlet Letter Essay
• Sat, Dec. 31st: Finish Scarlet Letter Essay
• Sun, Jan. 1st – Mon, Jan 2nd: Rest.

Should the set scan links in the left menu be put in order from newest to oldest (for example, under Modified TCG Sets, should EX Delta Species be the first link and EX Hidden Legends be the last)?