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Read yesterday’s update incase you didn’t visit the site yesterday. The 4Kids thing must be known! :p Today I will yet again be asking you questions and asking for your opinions to improve this site. Also, Happy New Years Eve! This year, it will now take less time to do homework since instead of having to write 12-31-05, the year will be ’06. A five takes much longer to write than a six, since with a five, you have to be all ziggy zaggy with your pen. But with a six, it’s just one little swoop of your pen. You save millaseconds!!

The Forums
The forums are pretty much dead. The “Deck Fixing” section is about the only part of the forum that gets activity each day, but all of the other categories never get any posts. Therefore, I have two options I have decided to come to. I am (1) either going to shut down the forums permanently or (2) restart them and begin from scratch. It’s kind of depressing and embarrassing to have such a dead forum and still keep it up, so it may be the best option unless people decide that they want to post in it if I decide to restart them. When I started the forums originally, I am pretty sure I said something to myself along the lines of “Hey, we have exclusive TCG news all of the time that other sites never have and a decent amount of visitors – people are bound to discuss it on the forums.” However, that has never been the case with the forums. Instead of deciding to discuss news here, people take it elsewhere and do not discuss it on the site who brought it to them and that continues to bring it to them, which makes me feel bad since I work hard on this site and people never contribute to its growth. I feel like I am being used at times. It has always been my philosophy that a website can not be successful just by the webmaster alone – the visitors also need to keep it alive and active, because without the visitors, there is no site. If you guys have anything to say about the forums and what I should do (and I can take criticism if you feel I have not done anything to improve the forum situation), feel free to e-mail me by clicking my name below or posting in the commenting system. I want opinions on this. I am going to make my final decision in the first week of January. I personally would like to restart the forums and incorporate new ideas into them, but if no one is willing to post in them, then it would just be a waste of time for me.


What should be done with the forums?

Your Screen Resolution
This is more of a technical question that involves no opinions. Because Internet Explorer is so buggy (and has not been updated since the mid 90s), I always have to alter my layout when I change something in the right menu because IE renders my site wrong at lower screen resolutions. If you have 800×600 screen resolution, then right now, the right menu for you should be showing the PokeBall bullets all messed up, and there is probably an annoying left-to-right scrollbar when you load this site (only if you are using IE at that resolution). So, I made a little poll so I can see many people this IE problem affects, and if it is worth fixing. If you have 800×600 screen resolution, then the header above should end with Dark Tyranitar on the far right. If you have 1024×768, your screen resolution should end with part of Blastoise ex (since the header shows more at higher resolutions). To check your screen resolution, simply go to your Desktop, right click it, click Properties, go to the Settings tab, and under screen resolution, it will say what your monitor is currently set at.

Screen Resolution

What is your screen resolution and web browser?