The evil treachery that is school has let me escape its mighty walls of books to come and update for you all tonight. Funny thing happened the other day. I put my backpack on one of those standard school desks with the table and chair connected to each other and the little book holder/foot rest thing under it, and when I put my backpack on the table part of the desk, it tipped the entire thing desk over completely. When everyone turned to see what the huge bang was, one could see my backpack on the floor and the desk in three pieces. I think I am going to need back surgery when I get older.

Ken Sugimori Trainer Artwork Galleries
I finallllllly finished the page coding and renaming of all of the Sugimori trainer files today. Meowth346 originally had them on Pokemon Forever, but he shut down his site and gave them to me to use here. So, I have now organized them into two sections. The [Ken Sugimori Trainer Images] gallery contains stand-alone images of Pokemon people, and the [Ken Sugimori TCG Trainer Images] gallery contains Sugimori artwork from Trainer cards in the TCG. Enjoy these rare images and feel free to use them for your own, personal use.

Researching Tower of Horon Half Decks
Bangiras has translated all of the Researching Tower of Horon cards from the Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon ex theme decks for the set. To view the spoilers, you can [click here], or go to the left menu under “Japanese TCG Sets” and click “Horon Half Decks” for the future.

New Featured Article
Flaming_Spinach has done a Featured Article on the top 10 cards of EX Unseen Forces. The article discusses the cream of the crop cards from EX Unseen Forces, and why they deserve to be in the position they are in and why they are good cards. To read his article, you can visit our [Featured Articles] section.

New Way of Commenting
The news articles were down today as I did a painstaking re-doing of the entire news system. What did I change? Well, not much. I just made it so that when you comment on a news story now, it takes you to a topic in the forums for that specific news story. I thought it was impossible to do this, but then last night while I was watching the third Inuyasha movie, it came to me and I figured out how to make it work. A pretty simple concept, but hours of work to make it work. All old news has been archived and I will put it back up soon in the News Archive section. So, comment now and try it out! If you are not registered on the forums, you will need to in order to comment on any news stories. To do so, just click “Register to Comment” on the bar below this paragraph.