Professor Test, Battle Frontier Images

The Professor Test is Upon Us
According to Mike Liesik, OP Coordinator, the professor test should be going up this Friday for people to take. He also mentions “Any Professor with an expiration date of 9/1/05 to 10/15/05 will have their expiration date extended to 11/15/05. I’ve asked the web team to have this done as soon as possible, as Professors begin expiring this Wednesday.” For the new professor test, there will be changes to the exam structure, as shown below:

Old Exam:
25 questions
20+ questions correct to pass
30-minute time limit

New Exam:
40 questions
32+ correct to pass
45-minute time limit

Looks like the test will be a bit harder this time around. So, be sure to take those tests on Friday by logging in to your [My Pokemon] account!

Regional Pins
For those of you that attended a Regional Championship back in June, you should be getting a surprise in the mail from POP any day now (or you already did). They will be sending you a yellow envelope with a note inside of it, along with a Regional pin! You can read the note by [clicking here], which explains why we are just recieving the Regional pin. The Regional pin can be seen by [clicking here]. It is a nice shade of blue, and is similar to the other pins we have recieved in the past, except for its color. Thanks POP for the nice surprise!

Ken Sugimori Trainer Gallery Updated
The [Ken Sugimori Trainer Images] gallery has been updated with the Battle Frontier Brains’ images. They are extremely high resolution and can be found under “Hoenn.” Thanks goes to Porygon for discovering these images.