ditto dit dit-o!

More info from Vincent regarding The Researching Tower of Horon (EX Delta Species in America)!


DittoConfirmed Info:

 • There will be a Lightning-type Metang (which most likely means Lightning-type Beldum and Lightning, Metal-typed Metagross).

 • There will be a Fire-type Shelgon.

 • There will be a Fire, Metal-typed Salamence (unsure yet if it is a Delta Pokemon).

 • Ditto will be in the set.

Unconfirmed, weird and confusing, but possibly true info:

 • Ditto can transform into a Pikachu or Charmander? o_O (maybe meaning there could be a Charmander and Pikachu line in the set, and that Ditto can change into anything?)

 • There will be six different Ditto? o_O (one for every basic type?)


[The Researching Tower of Horon] and [EX Delta Species] pages have been updated with the new info. If all of the above is true, then that Pikachu I took a picture of at Worlds, which is on the Horon page, could be the art for one that could be in the set.