Dragonite (Delta Species) and EX Delta Species Packs!
Thanks to RainbowGym who notified us, [PS-Games] has posted a Dragonite picture from EX Delta Species, as well as the four booster pack designs! You can see the images below this paragraph (click the thumbnails for a larger picture). I enlarged the Dragonite, and it looks like it is card #3/113, which means there will be a base total of 113 cards in the set (and that this Draggy will be a holo). You can also see that Dragonite is launching off of the actual researching tower (just an observation). The [EX Delta Species] page has been updated with the new information, and I have posted the text spoiler as well in case you are having trouble reading any parts of the card.

Dragonite Dragonite

Researching Tower of Horon Release Dates
ToysRUsKid has discovered that The Researching Tower of Horon set will come out on October 28th, while the theme decks will be released October 7th (for Japan in both cases). We originally thought the set would be released October 7th in Japan, but that was for the theme decks apparently. Now what does this all mean now? It means… that America will be previewing the set in pre-releases before Japan even has the set released! For once, we get to see a whole set before Japan! [The Researching Tower of Horon] page has been updated with the new information, as well as the right menu.