EX Delta Species Theme Deck Pic
EX Delta Species Theme Decks[The Place For Games], an online store, has put up a picture of the EX Delta Species theme deck box! (click the one on the right for a larger picture) We have updated our [EX Delta Species] page with the new picture, and you can find more information on the theme decks on our page. [The Researching Tower of Horon] page has also been updated with new information regarding the set.

2,320 Damage Poll
Boy have I been getting a lot of feedback and some interesting comments on this poll. Do you guys like polls that are that hard? Anyways, the answer was Omastar from Neo Discovery, not Magneton from EX Dragon (#35). I like to trick you guys, and since I know that some of you would be too lazy to look up the scan and would just assume that it was the other Magneton, that is what you would answer. So how can it do 2,320 damage, theoretically? Say you have a Mysterious Fossil, Omanyte, and an Omastar in your deck. The rest of the cards are Water energy, which would mean 57 of them. Thus, if you flipped heads 57 times, with the added 20 damage from Omastar’s attack, it would come out to 1,160 damage. Then, in the case that the Attacking Pokemon is weak to Fighting type Omastar, you would do x2 damage, coming out to 2,320. Yeah, not really possible, but it’s fun to think about what Pokemon can do the most damage.