I am leaving for my vacation in a few hours. Hopefully when I get to my destination, I will be able to go on the internet. I was not able to finish the EX Dragon scans, since yesterday was all POP 2ish stuff, packing for vacation, and cleaning out my fish tank, which takes a long time, so yeah. XD

Celebi exPOP 2 Spoilers
Thanks to lukerc, articjedi, and Dark Legendary Master, we now have 14 out of the 17 card spoilers for POP Series 2. To view the exclusive spoilers, you can [click here]. Only Entei, Suicune, and Tauros are missing, so if you get any of those in your packs when they come in the mail, please contact me through the “Contact Us” page with the spoilers, and you will be given credit. Also, thanks to [an auction on eBay] we now have a scan of Celebi ex. Click the one on the right for a larger picture. EDIT: Spoilers for Entei (thanks to supertyranitar) and Tauros added. Now we have all of the spoilers except for Suicune.

[EDIT] POP 2 Booster Pack and Updates
This is an added story not in the original update. I still have not left for vacation, but will do so in about an hour or so. Anyways, just got my POP packs in the mail. I recieved 3 POP I packs and 2 POP II packs. The package they came in included a Blissey coin, a Rayquaza coin, and a summer edition of the Pokemon magazine, Pokemon Fan. In my two POP II packs, I recieved Cacnea, Bulbasaur, Phanpy, and Tauros. I have scanned some images:

[Venusaur Booster Pack Wrapping]
[Blissey Coin]
[Rayquaza Coin]
[Pokemon Fan Magazine]

Hot_Carl will be sending me some scans later on today, so be sure to check back here! I was going to scan my own cards, but I ran out of disc space and Photoshop won’t let me, so yeah. :D [/EDIT]

POP 2 Card List
Yesterday I posted a card list of POP 2, compiled from what people had been reporting about the set. The list has now been confirmed:

1 – Entei – rare
2 – Pidgeot – rare
3 – Raikou – rare
4 – Suicune – rare
5 – Tauros – rare
6 – Venusaur – rare
7 – Ivysaur – uncommon
8 – Mr. Briney’s Compassion – uncommon
9 – Multi Technical Machine – uncommon
10 – Pokemon Park – uncommon
11 – TV Reporter – uncommon
12 – Bulbasaur – common
13 – Cacnea – common
14 – Luvdisc – common
15 – Phanpy – common
16 – Pikachu – common
17 – Celebi ex – rare

New Featured Article – Ludicargo
SuperWooper has done another featured article! This time, it is on one of the most popular decks in the current format – Ludicargo! To read his article, which goes over how to run the deck and what it should look like, you can visit our [Featured Articles] section. SuperWooper has also edited his Medicham article with a better deck list, which you can also find in the [Featured Articles] section.