Two more days of vacation, then I have to come home. :( The good news for you guys is that you will be getting more scans within the first few days of me coming back home.

The Unseen Forces are coming...EX UFO Set List and New Info
Our [EX Unseen Forces set list] is now up. The person who sent it to me accidently left out two cards, which I made an educated guess on from what the Japanese set looks like to fill in. I am sure it is 100% accurate, but if it’s not, it will be tomorrow. The list may not be used on any other site without permission. Also, one of my sources has informed me that the alternate holo cards for this set will have small, cool-looking PokeBall backgrounds, and that as usual, the set name will be in the corner of the picture, with the card name and HP in gold lettering. Tomorrow, we will have a TON (yes, 2,000 pounds of them) of scans up, since there will be at least four people sending me scans (two of them are going to more than one pre-release, and one other is judging one). If you are interested in sending in some EX Unseen Forces scans from your pre-release, you can contact me through the [Contact Information] page. Be sure to check back here tomorrow afternoon, Pacific time, for 2,000 pounds of EX Unseen Forces scans! EDIT (8 PM Pacific Time): Only one of the people who promised me to send scans has gotten back from a pre-release, but their computer went crazy, so they cannot scan anything. The other three have not come back yet. At this rate, the scans will be up either really late today or sometime tomorrow. Sorry guys. :(

Next EX Set Name – Confirmed!
Over a week ago, we reported that the next EX set could be named EX Delta Species. Well, Freddy K. has reported that his distributor released a statement saying the following:

NEWS FLASH – Ex Delta Species Pre Release will be between the 22nd October and 31st October – More details as we get them.

So, it is now official. The next set to follow EX Unseen Forces will be named EX Delta Species.