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Most of the links are working now, excluding the Card of the Week link (which will be in use by next week) and the TCG set links. Porygon is redoing all of the card lists for me while I work on the scans, and hopefully the lists will be done by the end of the week. When I was applying the layout to the pages, I also totally redid the Theme Deck section, and it now includes pictures of each theme deck. I expect to have the EX Deoxys scans up tomorrow, and will have EX Emerald up soon after. I will then jump back to the earlier EX sets once I am done with Emerald. Anyways, on with the news!

The Next Japanese Set

Vincent has provided us with new information on the set to follow Eidolon Forest in Japan.

   • The set will be named “The Researching Tower of Horon” (pronounced Or-ron).
   • The set will have magnetic-field related Pokemon (possibly Electrode, Magneton, and Alakazam).
   • There will be three 15-card decks that will be of the Fire, Water, and Lightning types.
   • The release date will be October 7th.

All known information on this set will be stored in “The Researching Tower of Horon” section under the “Japanese TCG Sets” section in the left menu. Therefore, you will not have to search through all of the news stories to find information on the set in the future.

EX Unseen Forces Posters
We have obtained some EX Unseen Forces poster type thing-a-ma-bobs. Click the thumbnails below to see a much larger version of each picture.

EX Unseen Forces EX Unseen Forces

New Featured Article
SuperWooper has written for us an article on the top decks of the current metagame, starting with Blaziken. It is an excellent article and can be read by visiting our [Featured Articles section]. Thanks SuperWoopa!

Upcoming Events and Dates Updated
The Upcoming Events and Dates section has been updated in the right menu with a couple of new dates. Scroll down to see them! (LOL, XD comes out on my birthday. I wonder if my parents will buy it for me in the morning and then give it to me at night to play on my Gamecube… :p)