Thursday – June 30th, 2005

The new layout is nearly done. I just need to make a few corrections and it should be ready to go when I buy the new server plan. Meowth346 from [Pokemon Forever] has been helping me with the layout greatly, and if it were not for him, I would had never gotten the layout this far. Thanks Meowth! Also, I have started working on the scans in bulk every spare minute I get, and have finished EX Hidden Legends (took 2.5 days). It will be up when I move to the new server, along with any other sets I finish between now and then. Tomorrow I will start working on EX FireRed and LeafGreen (should be finished by end of weekend), and will move on to EX Team Rocket Returns after that (should be done by TuesdayWednesdayish). I will make it my number one goal this summer to AT LEAST finish the Modified set scans. If I finish early like I think I will, I will move on to older sets.

EX Unseen Forces Theme Deck Names
The names of the theme decks for EX Unseen Forces have finally been revealed to us! They will be named Golden Sky and Silver Ocean (nice play off the Japanese set name for this set). Could this mean Ho-oh and Lugia will come in them? FireRed came with Charmeleon, LeafGreen came with Ivysaur, Ruby came with Blaziken, and Sapphire came with Swampert, so why wouldn’t Golden Sky come with Ho-oh and Silver Ocean come with Lugia? If they were to come with them, I would think that they would be the promos Lugia and Ho-oh that were made available at the PokePark in Japan. Anyways, we will find out more about this set in late August, and will most likely have scans up the day of the first pre-release.

Eidolon Forest EXs and Pokemon *s
Thanks to the Japanese Yahoo auction site, we now have some scans of the EXs and Pokemon *s from the Eidolon Forest set. In case you missed the changes done to the last update, I made a few corrections. Lucario ex is most likely a promo and will probably not be in the main set, while I made a translation error for Mewtwo ex, thus meaning that it also will not be in the set. However, the rest of the EXs have been confirmed to be in the set, and today we have scans of the ones from the main part of the set, as well as the Pokemon *s. Where art thou Alakazam? :( Will ye be in the theme decks?

[Altaria ex]
[Arcanine ex]
[Armaldo ex]
[Dustox ex]
[Flygon ex]
[Mew ex]
[Walrein ex]
[Regice *]
[Regirock *]
[Registeel *]