Friday – June 24th, 2005

More exclusive Eidolon Forest news!

As of today, I have discovered that the following EXs will be in the Eidolon Forest set:

Arcanine ex
Altaria ex (the one we got in EX Emerald)
Banette ex
Dustox ex
Flygon ex
Lucario ex (EDIT: This is probably a promo, and will most likely not be in the main set.)
Mew ex
Mewtwo ex (EDIT: Mewtwo ex is not in the set. I made a mistake when translating the Japanese text.)
Walrein ex

Also, Vincent has translated the following trainer cards from the set:

Field Worker – Supporter
Draw 3 cards. Your opponent may also draw a card.

Strange Cave – Stadium
Once during each player’s turn, he or she may put a Omanyte, Kabuto, Aerodactyl, Lileep, or Anorith from his or her hand onto his or her bench. Treat that card as a Basic Pokemon.

Eternal Frame – Stadium
Between each player’s turn, the number of damage counters for Burned Pokemon is 4 instead of 2. The Burn condition cannot be removed by an evolution or devolution

Huge Turnip – Stadium
Both players cannot have more than 3 Benched Pokemon. When playing this card, if any player has more than 3 Benched Pokemon, their owner discards a Pokemon and all cards attached to it until their are only three Pokemon remaining on the Bench.

Cursed Shrine – Stadium
Between each turn (both yours and your opponent’s), put 1 damage counter on all Pokemon in play that has a Poke-Power.

Mysterious Tree – Stadium
During each player’s turn, if he or she does not have any Special Energy cards in his or her discard pile, that player may choose a Basic Energy card from the discard pile and put it into their hand.


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