Friday – April 22nd, 2005

Just a heads up. I will be going into over-drive in studying for my AP test. My final is next Saturday, and my AP test is the Friday after. So, once my final is over, I will put up EX Emerald scans and a set list, then go into even more studying for the actual AP test. Until then, there probably will not be any updates at all, although I may post up some EX Emerald news a day before the pre-releases.

All just throw this stuff at you real quick since I have to go run off to study. A new Rayquaza card can be seen in [this image] for EX Emerald. [This E-Bay auction] shows that matrix energy will be in the set, and that they WILL be holo. You can see an example of holo matrix energy [here]. Also, it has been confirmed that there will be a Shining Groudon and Shining Kyogre in the set. (EDIT: Shining Kyogre and Groudon do not exist. Several people on Ebay posted that these two cards would exist, but they turned out to not be real. Sorry for the false information.)

Okay, got to run! Be sure to check back April 29th for possible early EX Emerald news (if I can take a break from studying), or that weekend for scans and a set list!