Tuesday – April 26th, 2005

For approximately five hours today, although it was only known to members of the PokeGym, an EX Emerald list and complete spoiler was put up on the official Pokemon TCG website. The link to the card list and spoilers themselves were not actually on the site, but they were on its server and hidden from view. Later in the day, the TCG website took down the list and spoilers, realizing people had discovered them, so only a few people got to see them. Luckily, GreatFox and I saved all of the info and combined our efforts to bring you the spoilers. As far as we can tell, most people closed the card lists and spoilers and did not save anything, so you probably will not see this info in too many places.

To see the card list, which was typed up by Porygon for me, you can [click here]

To see the full (and official) spoilers, you can [click here]. Thanks to GreatFox from Pokemon Labs for helping me greatly with all of the spoilers! Boy oh boy is Battle Frontier going to change the format…

We will continue to be your #1 source for EX Emerald, and will bring you scans this weekend, so be sure to check back here soon! (after my AP Euro final test on Saturday morning) :(