Saturday – February 19th, 2005

As we have been reporting for the past few weeks, Japan’s next set would be called “Golden Sky, Silvery Sea,” aka “EX Gold and Silver.” As of now, we have confirmed from several sources that America’s next set will be EX Emerald, which means for sure now that “Golden Sky, Silvery Sea” will be our EX Emerald. The pre-release dates for EX Emerald in America will be April 30th, May 1st, May 7th, and May 8th. The official release date for the set will be on May 9th.

Now it’s time for some images! Thanks to the official Japanese Pokemon TCG website, we now have a picture of Feraligatr ex, Typhlosion ex, and Meganium ex – the ones we were talking about from a while ago. You can see those scans to the right. The Japanese theme decks of those Pokemon can be seen by [clicking here].

Thanks to vincent0906, we also have translations of the G/S starter-ex’s:

Meganium ex – HP 150 (G)
[Poke-Power] Grow Healing:
Once during your turn, when you attach a (G) energy from your hand to one your Pokemon in play, remove one damage counter from that Pokemon. This Power cannot be used if Meganium ex is affected by Special Conditions.

(CCC) Razor Leaf – (50)
(GGCCC) Power Poison – (90)
You may discard 1 Energy card from Meganium ex. If you do, the Defending Pokemon is now Poisoned.

Weakness: Grass/Fire
Resistance: (W)
Retreat: (CC)


Typhlosion ex – HP 150 (R)
[Poke-Power] Burst Up:
Once during your turn, when you play Typhlosion ex from your hand to evolve 1 of your Pokemon, for each of your opponent’s Bench Pokemon, search your deck for 1 (R) energy card and attach them to one of your (R) Pokemon.

[RRCC] Meramera – (80)
You may discard 1 energy from Typhlosion ex. If you do, discard 1 energy attached to the Defending Pokemon.

Weakness: Water/Fighting
Resistance: None
Retreat: (C)


Feraligatr ex – HP 150 (W)

[Poke-Body] Scary Tooth:
If Feraligatr ex is your Active Pokemon, all Poke-Powers and Poke-bodies (both yours and your opponent’s) stop working (except those from Pokemon-ex).

(WC) Tsunami – (30)
Does 10 damage to all of your opponent’s Bench Pokemon.
(WCCC) Strong Bite – (70+)
Does 10 more damage for each damage counter on the Defending Pokemon.

Weakness: Lightning
Resistance: None
Retreat: (CCC)


Also, as we said before, there will be 28 Unown in this set. Vincent says that the below example will be what the typical Unown looks like. Unlike in Neo Discovery, all of the Unown in this set will have the same Poke-Power, “Shuffle,” but will all have different Hidden Power effects. Here is an example of an Unown, as well as several different Hidden Power attacks:

Unown (Letter) – HP 60
[Poke-Power] Shuffle:
Search your deck for another Unown card and replace it with this Pokemon. Shuffle the first one back into your deck. (The effects, damage counters, special conditions, and any other effects on the first Unown still remain on the new Pokemon) You can only use one Shuffle Poke-Power each turn.

Example of Unown Hidden Powers:

#1: (CC) Hidden Power
Does 20 damage to all of your opponent’s Pokemon.
#2: (CC) Hidden Power
Flip a coin. If heads, return the Defending Pokemon and all cards attached to it to your opponent’s hand. This attack cannot be used if your opponent has only one Pokemon in play.
#3: (PC) Hidden Power – (20x)
Flip coin until you get tails. This attack does 20 damage times the number of heads.

Weakness: Psychic
Resistance: None
Retreat: (C)


That’s all we have for today in terms of EX Emerald. Be sure to check back here soon for more information on the set!