Saturday – February 12th, 2005

New Pokemon, 8th Movie News
Today, a new Diamond and Pearl Pokemon was revealed in the latest issue of the Japanese magazine, CoroCoro. From translating the scan, its Japanese name translates to “Lucario.” But that’s not all CoroCoro revealed. The two pages dedicated to Pokemon also gave some new info on the 8th Pokemon movie, “Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero.” We now know that the Mew movie will not only involve Mew, but all three Regis as well as Lucario, and that they will all be involved in the plot of the movie. To see the silhouette of the new Pokemon, Lucario, as well as the Regis that were in the magazine pages of CoroCoro, click the thumbnail to the right. Thanks to [] and [Cynthia] for the scan!

Now, let’s talk about the newest Pokemon. It’s name, when spelled backwards, resembles the word “oracle.” If we look on the Pokemon 2005 website and go to the main page, which you can go to by clicking [here], Mew is wrapping its tail around an oracle. Could this mean something? Is Lucario Mew’s friend and protector, or could it be the other way around? Only time will tell.

From looking at the image of Lucario, you will probably think “It looks like Mewtwo!” “It looks like the Egyptian god, Anubus!” “It looks like a combination of Mewtwo with other Pokemon!” Well, you aren’t the only one who has been thinking that today. Many theories have been floating around to why this Pokemon looks the way it does, and I believe my friend Animelee came up with the best and most reasonable theory. He thought that maybe this Pokemon has the ability to take on traits from two Pokemon, which is very possible seeing as how we see Mew and Blaziken next to Lucario on the CoroCoro page, not to mention it sort of looks like a fusion between a Blaziken and Mewtwo. Seems like this theory isn’t too farfetch’d. ;) Once again, only time will tell until the mystery behind Lucario is revealed.

Anyways, for now, CoroCoro has only revealed that this Pokemon has a relationship with Mew and that its real image will be in the next issue of CoroCoro (the next issue of CoroCoro comes out next Tuesday). We will bring you more news concerning Lucario, Munchlax, and any other Diamond/Pearl Pokemon that come out within the next few months, so be sure to keep checking back here!

I have decided to edit this into this news story instead of waiting until tomorrow. Meowth346 has just posted three new Pokemon names at his website, [Pokemon Forever]. The Pokemon names are Usohachi, Manene, and Manyula. One of them has been confirmed to be related to Sudowoodo, while the last two are speculated to be two new Pokemon that are related to each other, such as Plusle and Minun, or one Pokemon that evolves from/to the other. Feel free to discuss all four new Pokemon in the commenting system. :)

EX Emerald
As we reported earlier, the next EX set to come out in Japan would be named “Golden Sky, Silvery Sea,” aka the dubbed name of “EX Gold and Silver.” Well, we now believe that the English set name of the set will be EX Emerald, seeing as how the set and Gameboy game, Pokemon Emerald, will be coming out in the same month and the logo to the right looks pretty real (as of now, it has not been confirmed to be real, although it most likely is). Pokemon Emerald also has a ton of Gold and Silver generation Pokemon in it, which still supports the idea of EX Emerald being our “Golden Sky, Silvery Sea” set. When more info comes out on Golden Sky, Silvery Sea / EX Emerald, we will be sure to tell you!

Deoxys Theme Deck List
Thanks to Chimecho3000, we now have one of the two deck lists from EX Deoxys. To view the deck list, you can visit our Theme Deck page by [clicking here] and clicking “EX Deoxys.”