Thursday – December 2nd, 2004

     .::  Thursday – December 2nd, 2004
This month and last month at school are the most hectic months of the entire year, according to all of my teachers about two months ago, and boy were they right. I have never had so much work in my life, but luckily tonight, in probably the most rarest occurrence in the history of the world, I only had English homework and nothing else! So, update, and what a good time for one too! Spoilers, spoilers, and more spoilers.

8th Movie Name + Info
The 8th Pokemon movie’s name has been revealed as well as some info, and we are one of the first websites to feature this! Prepare to be surprised on who the main star of the movie will be. The movie’s name, which was translated by, is “Mew and the Wave-Guided Hero.” The only information we know of right now is that the movie will involve a castle and how all Pokemon originated from Mew. Murgatroyd from SPPf has translated and given a description of what the teaser trailer of the movie is like, which aired in Japan today, which you can read below:

As the image speeds along the ocean’s surface, scenes from past movies are played to the following narration.”The many Pokemon legends that have impressed the world”(subtitled) “All began with Mew.”A castle appears, then Mew appears.Then the “Pocket Monsters Advanced Generation” title scroll.Diving into the water, “Mew and the Wave Guiding Hero”Then Mew crosses above the title and the text “Opens 7/16/2005 (Sat)” is shown.

It is obvious that this movie will somehow go into the history of where Mew came from and how it evolved into all 387 Pokemon we know of today, so it will definitely be an interesting one! But what a lot of people are wondering about are the Regis. Will they tie into this movie? Will they only appear in the main series and never be featured else where? No one knows for sure, but more information will be available tomorrow with the opening up of the new official Pokemon Japanese website and the revealing of more info for the movie!

8th Season Intro
In Japan today, a new Hoenn season intro aired with the new episode, and with it came many new questions and mysteries. For example, the Regis appear in the intro, which obviously means that they will be appearing soon. Could they be in the Mew movie? Could they be in the main series? Personally, I hope the Regis somehow tie into the Mew movie, but if they don’t, then they will most likely appear in the series. Also, Mewtwo is seen in the intro. Could Mewtwo be in the Mew movie? Why are we seeing it again? All of these questions will most likely be answered by Summer of 2005 when the Mew movie comes out in Japan, so we can all look forward to what will happen. To see screenshots of the intro, you can [click here]. Thanks to for providing the actual intro, which I then took screenshots of. :)

New Pokemon
Also tomorrow, when the new Japanese Pokemon site opens up, along with it will be some new, 4th generation Pokemon! Come back here tomorrow to see the new Pokemon, since I will be staying up very late tonight hitting “refresh” on the website so I can be one of the first people to see them. :)

Future Set?
This information has not been totally confirmed yet, but apparently a new Japanese Hoenn Gym Leader set will be released soon, similar to Gym Heroes and Gym Challenge. This information first surfaced to me late in the summer of this year, and was again confirmed to me a few days ago, so I foresee a Hoenn Gym Leader set in our future! If any info surfaces on this set, you can be sure you will find it here first!

Okay, so tomorrow, come back for new Pokemon, new movie information, and many more goodies revealed to us with the opening of the new Japanese website!

       .::  By: [Water Pokémon Master]