Sunday – September 19th, 2004

     .::  Sunday – September 19th, 2004
Today we have a ton of news on EX Team Rocket Returns – both Japanese and English. Remember, both Japan and America will be getting a simultaneous release of the set, which is why we have both Japanese and American news.

First of all, below this paragraph you will see the theme decks of the American version of the set (thanks to the official Pokemon TCG Norweigan website), which features both Jesse and James of Team Rocket. Click the pictures for larger images.

Secondly, we have the English booster pack pictures, which feature Mewtwo, Gyarados, Tyranitar, and Scyther. Click the image below for a larger picture.

Thirdly, below are some scans of some of the cards in the set from the official Japanese site (click them for a larger picture). Next to them are translations of the cards, which were done by Roarkiller from The PokeMasters. The translations are a little rough since the cards are so small and hard to read, but they are generally correct.

Rocket’s Moltres EX – 100 HP

PokeBODY: Dark Float
When you attach a Darkness energy card to Moltres, it has 0 retreat. (the retreat part could be wrong, but something does happen when attaching a Darkness energy)

RC: Dance of the Flame – 30
Search your discard pile for a Fire energy and attach it to 1 of your Pokémon.

RRC: *Kaen* – 50


Dark Dragonite – 120 HP

PokePOWER: Dark Trance
It has something to do with attaching Darkness energy to your Pokemon. It may involve moving Darkness energy from one Pokemon to another.

WL: Double Wing
Does 30 damage to each Defending Pokemon.

CCC: *Tsumedekirisaku* – 50


Rocket’s Articuno EX – 100 HP

PokeBODY: Dark Float
When you attach a Darkness energy to Rocket’s Articuno EX, you pay 0 retreat cost to retreat it. (the retreat part could be wrong, but when you do attach a Darness energy to it, something does happen)

C: Unknown Attack Name – 10
Text too small to read – it involves water energy.

WWC: Unknown Attack Name – 50


Dark Tyranitar – 120 HP – No information available, card image too small.


Team Rocket Administrator (Supporter)

Both players shuffle their hands into their decks. The amount they draw seems to be based on how many Pokemon are out on the field (it could be wrong.)

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