More Deoxys TCG Set Goodies

More Deoxys TCG Set Goodies
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Sunday – June 20th, 2004

»More Deoxys TCG Set Goodies: Today we have even more scans of the Deoxys TCG set, thanks to the Japanese E-Bay website. The new scans today introduce a returning type of card with some new twists, which are Shining Pokemon. There are three known Shining Pokemon in this set, which are Latios, Latias, and Rayquaza. As you can see by the two scans below this paragraph, Latias and Rayquaza (click for larger images), the card art comes right out of the box. You can also see that after the name of the cards, there is a star, which indicates it is a Shining Pokemon. Also, as you can see by Latias, it is colored to look like a Shining Pokemon, like in Ruby and Sapphire for GBA. However, with the Shining Pokemon come the same old rule as the old Shining Pokemon, which is that you can only have one of each in a deck.

The following images are individual card scans of holos and ex’s. They are larger scans then the others that I have posted, so each of them is separated. Click each individual card for a large scan of it.

The next five images are of holos, ex’s, rares, uncommons, commons, and trainer cards that are in the set. Click the links for the pictures.

[Holos / EX’s]

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»All Scans On Delay: My laptop containing all of the scans Shakespeare has sent me, along with the program, Photoshop, is currently being held hostage by my parents as a punishment for me misbehaving. So, until I can get it back (probably in a few days), all of the scans will be on hold.

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