A New Pokemon For James, New COTW

A New Pokemon For James, New COTW
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Monday – June 21st, 2004

»James’ New Pokemon *spoilers*: Rumor has it that in an upcoming Japanese episode of Pokemon in Japan, which will be after the Fortree City Gym Battle, James will be getting a new Pokemon. What could the Pokemon be you ask? Is it Houndoom, Tyranitar, Slaking, another Weezing, or possibly even a Muk? No, it is Chimecho! What an odd Pokemon choice for the Japanese to give James. You think they would give him some sort of tough grass type, but they give him the psychic little wind chime, Chimecho. We will keep you updated on James’ Chimecho as soon as he gets it.

»New COTW: Swanton1717 has done this week’s Card of the Week. What does he do his Card of the Week on? Well, it is a Technical Machine from EX Hidden Legends, which means there are three possibilities to what it could be. To find out what the card is and what Swanton thinks about it, you can visit our Card of the Week section by [clicking here].

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