No News…

No News…
By: [Water Pokémon Master] — Wednesday – May 26th, 2004

There is absolutely no Pokemon news today. PokeBeach is so up-to-date that we have said all Pokemon news there is to say. :) However, in site stuff, Shakespeare sent me all of Base Set 2 today, meaning I have Base Set 2, Fossil, and Neo Genesis to edit and upload. He also said he would be sending me Neo Discovery soon. Oh boy, Shakespeare is sending me the scans faster than I can download them. What a great guy! I don’t even have to ask him for the scans and he sends them to me. Thanks to him, we will probably have most of our TCG scans up early in the summer for your viewing pleasure.

Anyways, by looking at my school agenda for this week, I have lots of homework and a few projects due. So, I probably won’t be able to get up any new scans until Monday. Saturday I am going to the last Gym Challenge in my area to have some fun for the first time all week, Sunday I am working at church to set up the Memorial Day picnic, and Monday I am working at the picnic but will probably have time to do some editing then. So, I will obviously have time every day to work on some of the scans, but I probably won’t be able to finish until Monday. School finishes June 10th, so I have to keep myself together until then.

Hopefully there will some new Pokemon news tomorrow.

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