Welcome to the Re-Grand Opening of PokéBeach!

Welcome to the Re-Grand Opening of PokéBeach!
By: Water Pokémon Master — Thursday – January 1st, 2004

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new and improved PokéBeach! There are a few new things I should tell you about.

First of all, we will be having a Card of the Week for now on until this site becomes more popular, and then maybe we will eventually move on to a card of the day. I will try to get up this COTW when I get everyone’s report.

As I said before, there would be people who would be helping me with the site. Unfortunately, I need to get them all in one place to get an official list, but some people off the top of my head I can think of are Maverick Hunter Zero, SwampertEX, MetagrossEX, and Misdreavus. These are people from the PokeMasters and PokeGym forums, and they will be helping out with the Card of the Week for now on and anything else I can come up with in future weeks.

Thanks to Maverick Hunter Zero who is hosting, we now have a brand-spakin’ new forum. Go sign up now by [clicking here], and become one of the first members. If we reach over 200 members by next Sunday, we may have a surprise for you guys on the forums. To access the forums in the future, go to PokéBeach in the left menu and click Forums.

Check out the left and right menus, we have some new features. Now we have two screenshots of the new episode each week to give you an idea of what it will be about. Also, I added an Animé Poll for the Pokémon TV show, so know we will have 2 polls each week you can participate in. Something I am very happy about is the new Jukebox in the left menu. There you will hear all of your favorite Ruby and Sapphire Gameboy music, which I think is really cool. Simply click Instructions under Jukebox and it will tell you how to run it.

Okay, in terms of layout, I did a few huge new things. Firstly, some links throughout the site will have a small box next to them, as seen next to the forum link. This symbol means that the link opens in a new window. The most major thing I did for the site was that I converted everything to iframes. What this means is that when you click a link, the whole page will not reload but instead load in this area. Try it out on any of the links in the left menu that don’t have a box next to them, and you will see what I mean. Be sure that when you click a link that is near the bottom of the menu that you scroll up on the page after you click it so that you can see the content.

In terms of card scans, I will be getting up Team Rocket and EX Ruby and Sapphire probably tomorrow. I also plan on getting up both Gym sets by the end of this week, so just sit tight and be patient for those.

Also, if you are using AOL, the site may not work when I update it for a few hours. What I mean is that if I put up a news story, AOL users may not be able to view it for a few hours after I put it up. I have not found out how to fix this problem, but you can simply open up PokéBeach in Internet Explorer while you have AOL running and it should do fine.

Okay, play the jukebox, join the forums, and have a Happy New Years as because I opened the site right when the New Year started here in California.