EX Dragon Stuff

EX Dragon Stuff
By: Water Pokémon Master — Tuesday – November 18th, 2003

»EX Dragon Scans Delayed: According to my calculations and fingers, I have about 45 different EX Dragon cards that I can scan (reverse holos are hard to scan, and this number does not include them). So, I will try to get those up soon. I know I said I would have them up yesterday night, but I have a serious cold and there is this gooey gack stuff flying out of my mouth every time I really cough hard. Well, you didn’t need to know that, but I thought I should tell you incase you think I’m being lazy or something. Also, my friend Misdreavus from PokeMasters came in 3rd at a Dragon event and will be sending me in some scans, which could mean we almost complete the set! Keep checking back all week to see if they are up!

»My Report of the EX Dragon Tourny in Costa Mesa, CA: Yesterday I went to an EX Dragon tournament in Costa Mesa, CA. Everything was just like the previous EX Sandstorm tournament, and you basically opened six packs and made a 40-card deck. However, for our tournament, since we had just had the Pokemon Rocks America event in San Diego, we exchanged our cards with someone else to prevent any sort of cheating. So, I opened up my six packs and got a Muk ex, Magcargo ex, Minun, and various other cards, which were incredibly good. Then when we traded cards, I got jipped! The only good card I received was a Dragonite ex and Salamence, though there was only one Bagon.

I also got one Magikarp and one Gyarados, and stuck them into my deck incase I was lucky and could evolve the weak little Pokemon. At the end of the tourny, I ended up with three wins and three losses, and now looking back at my three losses, I realized something. In all three of those losses, Magikarp was what brought on my defeat in ALL of them. I remember one time a kid used Water Arrow with his Seadra and killed Magikarp with one hit when it was on the bench for one round, giving him the final prize. Another round, I forgot what on earth happened but somehow, my Magikarp was killed in two turns from a bench attacker. Then, in the final round, all I got was the stupid scale-and-bone Pokemon with no bench Pokemon, and it was killed on the first turn! If I had never stuck it in the deck, I probably would have done better. I never even drew Gyarados, so what was the point? I had one stinkin’ Magikarp out of 40 cards, and some how drew it in three rounds, contributing to my defeat. So, here is what I have to say for everyone who goes to any of the future pre-release Dragons – Don’t you dare stick a Magikarp in your deck! The Pokemon in the Dragon set are very powerful and the evil fish is easy pray for them.

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Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that Gyarados was originally named Skullkraken for us English people? There are stickers that were released a long time ago in the US before Pokemon was barely even known about, and that was his original name. However, Nintendo changed the name to Gyarados since it has to be 10 characters or less to fit on the Gameboy games.

Interesting Non-Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that if you begin to cough up gooey gack stuff from your throat that it is a sure sign of a cold?