EX Dragon News (scans will be up either tonight or tommorow night)

EX Dragon News
(scans will be up either tonight or tommorow night)
By: Water Pokémon Master — Saturday – November 15th, 2003

»EX Dragon Pre-Release Tournies: The EX Dragon Pre-Release Tournaments will begin this weekend! To find a tournament near you, [click here]. For the pre-release card, you will get a Pre-Release Non-Holo Gyarados card. I will be attending two of the tournaments, one in Costa Mesa this Sunday and one in San Diego next Saturday, which means PokéBeach will be getting lots and lots of the card scans. So, be sure to check back Sunday night for your first look at many of the cards.

»EX Dragon Set Info: We now have some info on what will be in the EX Dragon set from various members of PokeGym. First off, there will be 97 cards – 7 being trainers. Secondly, there will be three secret cards – Charmander, Charmeleon, and Charizard that will be #98/97, #99/97, and #100/97. Also, there will be no energies included in the set. The release date of the set will be the 24th of this month. For more card spoilers, check out [this] thread at PokeGym.

»EX Dragon Cards of the Day: [Pokemon-TCG.com] is now having a card of the day each day featuring one EX Dragon card. Today’s card is Salamence, though we have already seen the scan to it in a previous news story. Be sure to check their site every day for a new card and I’ll be sure to post them here!

»EX Tin Promos: Farbsman from PokeGym was able to scan the Pikachu and Meowth promo cards that come with the EX Tin. To view the cards, click the thumbnails below.

»Promos So Far: As of now, these are the current promos we know of. I have scans of most of them and will get those up some time AFTER I go to tomorrow’s EX Dragon tourny:

001 Kyogre ex
002 Groudon ex
003 Treecko
004 Grovyle
005 ??????
006 ??????
007 ??????
008 Torchic
009 Combusken
010 Mudkip
011 Marshstomp
012 Pikachu
013 Meowth

News/Event Reminders

»EX Dragon Pre-Release Tournaments [click here for locator]

Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know Satoshi Tajiri, the creator of Pokémon, originally made 1,170 Pokémon? That means we till have 700 something more Pokémon to go.

Interesting Non-Pokémon Fact

»Did you know an octopus has four hearts?