Pokémon Advanced Intro + the Series’ Spoilers

Pokémon Advanced Intro + the Series’ Spoilers
By: Water Pokémon Master — Monday – October 27th, 2003

The Pokémon Advanced introduction has been posted on the Kids’ WB website. To download it, right click the following link and click Save Target As. [DA LINK] For some reason, the movie won’t launch in AOL on both of my computers, so I recommend downloading it since it’s only 5 megabytes. Now, here is some info I wrote concerning the commercial:

Remember those two preview episodes back in March? (geeesh, 8 months already) The introduction starts off with the scene in the first episode where May is riding her bike to Little Root Town. Then it continues on to the Advanced Generation introduction, which is only 45 seconds long. For you Japanese episode people (like me), the introduction is exactly the same as the Japanese version except with one extra scene where Ash throws a PokeBall and that they are moved around. For all the other scenes, they are cut shorter than in the Japanese version, which is kind of a disappointment since we see a little more details and more Pokémon. Anyways, if you saw those two episodes back in March and recorded them like I did, (though I also recorded over them by accident a month later) you will notice that the dialogue is different. This is because when the episode was first being dubbed in America, it was only for preview purposes for that special Saturday and was not intended to be the final version since recording for Johto hadn’t even been completed. So, they went back now and re-did the dialogue for the first episode, and probably the second one as well (with Relicanth).

Here is some more info/opinions I didn’t know where to put in the above paragraphs (#3 and #4 have MAJOR, MAJOR, MAJOR SPOILERS):

1. May is 10? She doesn’t look 10, more like 13. So what is Ash, 14?

2. Veronica Taylor, the voice for Ash, will also be doing May’s voice.

3. Remember the polls on Brock and Ash I posted on which Pokémon they will capture? Well, here I am to prove myself right (kind of hard to belive Brock has water Pokémon) Watch the introduction and you will see that Ash has Taillow and Treeko (later evolves into Grovyle), Brock has Mudkip and Lotad, and May has Torchic and Beautifly (she catches Wurmple and it eventually becomes Beautifly). You will also see that Team Rocket has a Cacnea and Seviper. The Cacnea belongs to James, and the Seviper belongs to Jesse. Another of Jesse’s Pokémon, which is not shown, is a Dustox she gets (Wurmple, yada yada yada) Sadly, both Jesse and James let Weezing and Arbok go to protect some other Pokémon being hunted by poachers (How classical. Reminds me of Pidgeot.)

4. Cacnea is Victreebell’s replacement. Victreebell always use to eat James intentionally, and Cacnea hugs James and gets him poked all over with his thorns. However, Cacnea is doing it out of love.

5. Remember, the first episode of Pokémon Advanced is this Saturday!

News/Event Reminders

»Pokemon Advanced begins this Saturday, November 1st.
»EX Dragon Pre-Release Tournaments [click here for locator]
»Halloween is four days away! Be sure to bring along a Hoothoot or Noctowl when you go trick-or-treating incase you run into any Ghost Pokemon.

Interesting Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that Misdreavus aren’t like other ghost Pokémon? They can get trapped under a tree, which means they are solid. (if you have seen the episode, you know what I’m talking about)

Interesting Non-Pokémon Fact

»Did you know that if we traveled to Jupiter at light speed, it would take three days. Imagine how long it would take at regular speed.