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Site Stuff
By: Water Pokémon Master — Monday – September 29th, 2003

Okay, to make a VERY long story short, my friend Jason was who sent in most of the card scan sets. Little did I know, he took them off some foreign website and that webmaster contacted me and told me to remove them. Unfortunately, the webmaster also contacted Brinkster and the site was deleted, so I spent all of this and last week re-creating the site. Now, me and Jason aren’t really friends anymore, but he is beginning to talk to me again, so maybe he can actually scan cards for me. (he does have a lot)

So, most of the sets are gone (exceot the ones I scanned myself) until I can scan my own cards. Hopefully some of the people at the Pokémon League will be able to help me with the few cards I don’t have. I should be able to have all of the card scans from every set by Christmas, since that is when I will be getting booster boxes.

If anyone would like to be a news updater or deck fixer for this site, go to the Comments or Questions? page in the left menu and tell me how long you have been into Pokémon, why you think you should be a news updater/deck garage person, and how good you are with grammar. Do not be afraid to show off, because I want to know as much as possible about you.

Tomorrow I will have some pics of the EX Dragons packs and boxes thanks to Patriarch from PokéGym, so come back.

I have to write all of this very quickly because it is 2 in the morning (Mon.) and I want to go to bed. Tomorrow everything will resume to how it used to be with the news, so be sure to come back! There will be news on EX Dragons, Fire Red and Leaf Green, and other stuff.

Okay, good night and sorry for rushing through all of this. *snore*snore*snore*

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