TCG, TV, Site, and Other News

TCG, TV, Site, and Other News
By: Water Pokémon Master — Sunday – August 24th, 2003


»Nintendo Power EX Sandstorm Cards: The next issue of Nintendo Power will have two pictures of the EX Sandstorm cards Armaldo and Cradily. When it comes out, I will try to get the pictures of them for everyone to see in high quality. For now, you can view the picture of the cards from Pokémon Aaah! below. NOTE: Remember, I will get the EX Sandstorm card scans when I go to the pre-release tournament in San Diego on September 6th. This will be two weeks before the set is released, so stay tuned to PokéBeach for the upcoming scans.

Armaldo and Cradily Cards
Picture Source: Pokémon Aaah!

»New League Promos: I was browsing PokéGym a few days ago and came across a topic that contained what the promos that you can get when the next season of the Pokémon League starts as well as what comes in the League Kits. The League Kits will contain a poster and window sticker to promote the league, 8 Winner-stamped promo cards, 16 winner promo cards, and 1 jumbo promo card. The 16 winner promos will be Promo #8, Torchic. Torchic will be exactly the same as the #73 Torchic from EX R/S with Peck and Fireworks but with different art. The 8 winner-stamped promos will be Promo #9, Combusken, which is the same as the #27 one that has Flare and Double Kick. Finally, the Jumbo Promo will be exactly the same as the Promo Combusken, just jumbo sized. Oh, did I mention that Torchic is a reverse holo? To view the pictures from Pokémon Zeo, click the links below.

Torchic and Combusken Promos
Combusken Jumbo Card
Picture Source: Pokémon Zeo!

»More ADV 4, I Mean EX 1 News: Vincent0906 from PokeGym recently posted this new and interesting news onthe supposedly called ADV 4 in Japan:

his set is not call ADV4 …..(shocked)

Ectually… It’s call EX1
The name of this set is Two arriviste( I think this words…|||)
About Team Aqua and Magma…

It will be release at 24 of October…
Two theme deck will release too at that day.
But there are three options to buy them…
1. Two Aqua
2. Two Magma
3. one magma and one aqua
It means that the player must buy at least two half deck =___=

So, here are the basic facts from his posting:
1. It will be called EX 1, not ADV 4.
2. There will be 3 30-card mini-decks rather than the previously thought 2. One will be a Team Aqua deck, one will be Team Magma, and the other will be a mixture of both.
3. It will be released October 20th.

»So You Thought Your EX Cards From EX R/S Were Something Special: Sorry to break the news to you guys but after talking to Chrisbo at the Pokémon League, he told me that there was some miscommunication with Nintendo when EX R/S was being printed that caused the EX cards to become as rare as a rare non-holo card. That means that you would probably get one out of every few packs. That was one reason why I got a dozen of them in one booster box. Now for EX Sandstorm, Nintendo will be making them as rare as a holographic card. That means you get one out of every three packs. In other words, your EX R/S ex cards are as rare and are worth as much as a Kabutops from Skyridge.


»Pokémon Pinball R/S Commercial: Today at about 10 p.m. on Cartoon Network, a Pokémon Pinball R/S commercial came on. The big Pokémon stars of the commercial were Treeko, Groudon, and Loudred. I was unable to see the beginning or end of it because I ran into my room and then had to leave while glancing at the TV. All I know was that Treeko was freaking out about something and was making a scared sort of face. But, you could hear what the voices of the Pokémon sounded like. Treeko was saying Tree-ko in a scared voice, Loudred kept saying dred! and Groudon just made a sort of roaring-growling sound. I will report more on the commercial when I see it again and will also try to get some pictures with my digi-cam.

»Cartoon Network Schedule Change: Cartoon Network has now changed the times for the morning episodes of Pokémon from 9 AM backwards to a very early 7 AM. I am not sure how long this will last or if it is permanent, but it will be for this week. For Monday’s episodes on Cartoon Network, strangely nothing was posted on the website to what the episodes will be. They probably forgot to post them or there was some sort of an error. Also, they are showing episodes on Saturday at 11 PM like they used to do. Also if you like Zoids, like me, they have put it back on the air on Saturday night but, I am not sure at what time it is on. I saw it Saturday and think it was at 7 when it came on, but I am not sure so don’t take my word for it.


»A New Pokémon Center: That’s right! On November 1st, construction of the new Pokémon Center in Fukuoka, Japan will be completed and be opened to the public. So far, this is the 5th Pokémon Center in the world, the first one being built in Tokyo, the second in Osaka, Japan, the third in Nagoya, Japan, the fourth one in New York, and the final one being built in Fukuoka, Japan. That means 4 have been built in Japan and 1 has been built in America. Hopefully, more will be built around the world (I want one in LA) in the near future. Like all of the other Centers, this one runs exactly the same; they have promotions, tournaments, merchandise, yada yada yada. At least we can all be assured that the popularity of Pokémon is continuing to grow.


»Base Set Scans Delayed: To make a very long story short, my laptop got a virus and the 98 base set scans that I had worked on were erased along with my Photoshop pre-sets. So now I have to try and recreate the pre-sets and then rescan everything. Hopefully, they will be done within the next few days. Luckily for me, I had backed up my files four days ago, so I just lost the scans, the presets, and a thank-you letter to my aunt who lives at Lake Tahoe that I had already sent.

»Last Week and this Week’s Poll: As last week’s poll showed, most people chose Blaine’s Charizard as the card with an error and were correct. It’s first attack has a fighting energy symbol in the text that should be a fire energy. This week’s poll is about EX Sandstorm’s ex cards. For this set, the ex Pokémon will have HP higher than 120, and one of them has it with 200! All of the ex-Pokémon in the poll are in fact all of the ones that will be available for the set. Which one do you think or know has it? Go over and vote now!

»Deck Fixes: When High School starts for me on Thursday (I know, what a weird day to start school!) I will probably stop or delay the deck fixes. But, I will continue to post news as I always do, so there will be no slow down in that. If I do receive any decks and have time to fix them, they will probably be posted on Saturdays.

»PokéBeach Hits: PokéBeach has reached 3,000 hits withing the last 7 weeks! When PokéBeach reaches 10,000 hits, I may have a little contest to win a booster box of the current set at the time.

»News/Event Reminders
»EX Sandstorm Pre-Release Tournaments Across the US (I will be at San Diego’s)
»Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Series Tournaments Across the USA
»Eon Ticket Tours Across the US
»Pokémon Center Events
»EX Sandstorm
»Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire