Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Tournament Results and Other Stuff

Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Tournament Results and Other Stuff
By: Water Pokémon Master — Sunday – August 10th, 2003

»General Things that Happened: I feel so sorry for everyone who missed the tournament that took place yesterday. As I said before, it was being held at San Diego, and boy was it a blast! We got to battle each other on our Ruby and Sapphire games and play the TCG. Also when we registered, we received both holo versions of the Kyogre and Groudon ex promo cards as well as a real Eon Ticket card. Everyone who participated were also the very first people to ever try the new tournament format, though I forgot what it was called.

»The Rounds, Prizes, and My Rankings: For the first round, we were given six EX Ruby and Sapphire packs and had to create a 40-card deck out of them. I managed to make a Treeko /Kirlia deck and for my first battle, I battled a fire deck and won! Then, we had two rounds of Gameboy battling and I won those as well. Unfortunately after my dad and I came back from McDonald’s for our 30-minute lunch break, we had another round of the TCG and I was facing an electric deck and lost. I couldn’t do anything because I had not shuffled my deck well and for the whole time I literally only got grass energies except the one Koffing I had out. Later, we had two more rounds of Gameboy battling and I won those. But, for the final round, I got to battle on the TV using a Gameboy player for Gamecube. So, in total, I only had one loss. Then at the end of the tournament, there was a drawing for a Gameboy Advance SP and I won it! If you thought that that was lucky, I won first place for the age group 11-14 and won a medal, a booster box of R/S, and a $200 gift certificate for This picture is what I won and got in total.

Okay, enough about me and my showing off/bragging. I am just so excited.

»Pictures: Click this link for some pictures of the event that I took with my dig-cam. There are only fourteen pictures because I accidentally cleared out my second memory card and only had the first one left. In the last picture, I am one of the winning people but I ain’t gonna tell you who. A hint is that I had to be in an uncomfortable position and messed up my smile. There is also another hint in the picture gallery.


»EX Sandstorm Pre-Release Tournament: If you guys don’t want to miss the fun again, on Saturday, September 6th, there will be another tournament in the same place at San Diego where everyone will get EX Sandstorm packs to make a deck out of. By this date, EX Sandstorm will not have been released, so it is kind of like a pre-release tournament. I will once again be there taking pictures and will be getting the EX Sandstorm cards, so I guess I will have the card scans up earlier this time and before the release date. Maybe if I win another booster box, I will have most of the cards from the set and thus, most of the scans.

»New Promo Scans Added: I have added to the promo page some of the Wizards’ Best Promo cards as well as the holographic versions of the Kyogre and Groudon ex cards.

»Temporary News Page Reminders
»EX Sandstorm Pre-Release Tournament in San Diego (I will be there)
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»EON Ticket Tour (I will be at the one in Riverside, CA)
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