News, News, News, and Future Site Updates

News, News, News, and Future Site Updates
By: Water Pokémon Master — Tuesday – August 12th, 2003

»The Future in Card Scans: PokéBeach was the first to bring you all four EX Sandstorm booster pack pictures. Now, WPM will be attending the EX Sandstorm prerelease tournament in San Diego on Saturday, August 6th. At the tournament, people will be getting the Sandstorm cards before they are released to make decks out of to play others and be able to win booster packs/boxes. That means WPM will own the EX Sandstorm cards a few weeks before the release date. What does that mean you ask? That means PokéBeach will have most of the EX Sandstorm scans way before the release date and other websites. So, everyone check back around September 6th for the EX Sandstorm scans and to see them before anyone else.

Also if you have noticed, I don’t have the Base, Jungle, or Fossil card scans up. The reason for that is I have been using many, many of the cards from those sets in seven of my decks. Due to recent events involving a little brother who was mad at his oldest brother who got the idea to mix up all of his oldest brother’s decks, the cards have now been impossible to put back together and have gone back into the binder. So, I will have the Base Set card scans up in a few weeks for your viewing pleasure, maybe even at the same time as the EX Sandstorm scans. No plans have been set for Jungle or Fossil as of yet.

»EX Sandstorm Theme Decks: The theme decks in EX Sandstorm will be called Caravan and Oasis. Caravan will contain Grass and Fire Pokémon, while Oasis will have Water and Fighting types. More details on what is in the decks when I go to the EX Sandstorm tournament in a few weeks.

»Pokémon Center in New York Updates: As many people know, the Pokémon Center in New York is home to many Pokémon figurines that are scattered around the entire store. Do to the popularity of the Center, there have been many events going on, such as the Eon Ticket give away a while back and the back to school sale in a few weeks. Now, to watch over everything, the Pokémon Center has asked Hoenn to send them some help. In response, Hoenn sent them back a 200 pound, red, legendary Pokémon. Can anyone guess who it is? Yes/No you are right/wrong, it is Groudon! The statue is seven feet tall and stands on a rocky base near the front entrance. According to the Pokémon Center, it’s job is to watch over all the Pokémon and keep everything in order. (Yeah, right, like it’s going to watch over everything. It’s just a stiff statue that probably has security cameras inside itself to make sure no one steals anything.)

Other things that will be happening at the Center in the next few weeks will be the selling of Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire earlier than the release date, just like with Ruby and Sapphire. They will also be selling more R/S Pokémon figures, like Latios and Latias.

The funny thing about the Groudon statue thingy that I am cracking up about is that when I went on my 8th grade East Coast Trip in June, we had some free time to buy stuff in New York and me and my friends ran over to the Center to spend as much time as possible inside. Since it had been raining, everything was slippery so, when I walked in to the store, I slipped, tripped, then did a face plant into the floor where the Groudon statue now stands. If it had been there a little earlier, I really would have been all cracked up, maybe even dead. They should move that thing back a couple of yards in case anyone runs into it.

»Pokémon Heroes DVD/VHS: When Pokémon Heroes was playing in theatres, Miramax put it out on limited release. This meant that it was not playing at all theatres. So, if you missed it or more likely want to own it, it will be available on VHS and DVD on December 16th. You can also preorder the movie at In case that you forgot what the movie was about, it featured Latios, Latias, and the Soul Dew.

»Eon Ticket Tour Update: The official Pokémon website has updated the Eon Ticket schedule with the address of each Toys R Us the tour will be visiting, along with the dates. To view the list, click here. I must once again say I will be at the one in Riverside, CA. If anyone is going there, e-mail or AIM me at [email protected] to chat about it.

»Temporary News Page Reminders
»Ruby and Sapphire Challenge Series Tournaments Across the USA
»EON Ticket Tour (I will be at the one in Riverside, CA)
»Pokémon Pinball: Ruby and Sapphire