Site Updates and New GBA SPs

Site Updates and New GBA SPs
By: Water Pokémon Master — Sunday – July 27th, 2003

I have updated the TCG Quiz and the Pokémon Schedule for this week and didn’t need anyone to send in the schedule. But, next week’s schedule isn’t listed on the Kids’ WB website, so I may need someone to send it in to me again. (But wait till next Sunday)

For those of you that took the quiz for last week on the Special Condition, there was a higher percentage of people that got it wrong than right. I figured that most of you would have voted Gardevoir for putting a Pokémon to sleep because it is psychic, so I put it as one of the options. But, the correct answer was Swampert, who’s Hypno Splash can put the Defending Pokémon to sleep. Bet you all weren’t expecting a water type over a psychic. This week’s quiz deals with the new TCG rules Nintendo has set. Next week, I am thinking of putting up a different kind of quiz, such as something that has to do with the TV Show. For now, go over and vote on this weeks’ quiz and get it right! (HINT HINT: Look in the left menu for a whole page dedicated to this one subject)

Also, Cartoon Network has changed the episode schedule’s time for JUST this week. There will not be any episode showing at night, but only in the morning at 9 am and on Saturday at 11 pm. The episode schedule’s time WILL RESUME again next week at the usual time of 9 am and pm (Mon-Thu) and Saturday at 11 pm.

Yet again, two new GBA SPs are going to be released (not Pokémon related). They are exactly the same as any other GBA SPs, but will have different paint jobs. You can either get Flame (the Red One) or Onyx (Not the Pokémon Onix, Onyx as in Black). No release date has been specified yet, but they will definitely come out some time in September, according to what some other websites have reported. With all the colors that have come out, maybe they will market a green or gold one since they have had every other color. If you are like me and want to keep your regular GBA, than you can wait for some of the faceplates to come out, such as the Jirachi one.

Don’t forget! The Torchic GBA SP comes out tomorrow at the Pokémon Center in New York. To read more about it, visit the Temporary News page in the left menu.