Seven Site Updates and News

Seven Site Updates and News
By: Water Pokémon Master — Monday – July 21st, 2003

Okay, seven lucky updates and news stories for you today, since I didn’t update yesterday due to me being at the beach all day (surfing, of course). They are in order of least to most importance, according to my opinion. Looking ahead will be considered cheating!

7th: Unfortunately, Kids’ WB has not posted on their website what this week’s episodes will be. I have also checked other sites, as a second alternative, and have not found them. Maybe it is a You Pick episode week, though I am not sure. But I will tell you this, there are no new episodes this Saturday, so head on over to the beach!

6th: I changed the TCG Quiz (formerly known as the Card Quiz) to an attack question. If you do not no the answer off hand, go to the EX Ruby and Sapphire page for the card scans. Results from the previous quiz showed that there was an error in Shining Tyranitar’s description, and that was the correct answer. For those of you that got the question wrong, (how on earth could you when there are Neo Destiny scans!), you should brush up on some of the old cards.

5th: Okay, has anyone ever seen those yellow Pikachu Beatle cars (or at least a picture of one on the net)? Well, it seems that someone on Ebay is auctioning one off! If you’ve got over $7,000 to buy one, than go right on over to this page. Otherwise, you can still check it out and see what cool features it has. NOTE: Don’t forget about the Toys R Us Eon Ticket promotion. Pikachu Beatles will be at each one that will be participating. To read more about the Eon Ticket Tour and the schedule, visit the News Archives in the left menu.

4th: All right, anyone have the July issue of Nintendo Power? No, this update is not to inform you that it comes with Promos 1 and 2 Kyogre ex and Groudon ex (if you didn’t know that already, ya do know), it is to inform you that at the San Diego ComicCon Convention, holographic versions of the two cards were given out. BUT, they were not the same promo cards, they were numbers 10 and 11 for all you collectors out there. Unfortunately, that was the only way, so far, to get the cards. Hopefully in the future, the cards will be released in some other way. When I find a friend that has the cards, I will scan them for everyone to see. [Cries to himself and says, I don’t even have the two cards from Nintendo Power, let alone the ComicCon ones. Then thinks, Maybe mommy will take me to Target later to get the Nintendo Power magazine, and auction for the holo ones off E-bay. Grins evily and tells his mom that Target is having a BIG SALE.]

3rd: You are the biggest Pokémon merchandise collector. You have all the Game Boy Advance Pokémon covers, including the new Torchic GBA from the Pokémon Center in New York (that has not been released yet). You think you have everything, but no ya don’t! Japan just releases a new Jirachi Cover for your GBA and GBA SP. (If you ask me, I think they should come out with some Water Pokémon cover.) No date has been set, once again, for the US release date.

2nd: Not only was the 6th Pokémon movie released Saturday, so was the Nintendo Gamecube game, Pokémon Channel, in Japan. In the game, Pokémon Channel is a television channel that has lost some parts to it. Now it’s up to you and Pikachu to help find the missing parts. During the game, you get to meet Pokémon such as Jirachi, Torchic, Mudkip, Pichu, etc. in 3-D! As you find the missing clips, you get to view them, such as a scene from the Pichu Brothers mini movie that was part of the 3rd movie. Another feature is that you can edit scenes by adding color, moving them around in any order, etc. No US release date as of yet.

. . . and most important of all, #1: All right! You have either been a good boy or a bad boy and have read all the news stories and site updates above. If you just skipped to this section, shame on you, you are a bad boy! (or girl, but boy sounds better) Da News: As you guys may know, if you have been reading this news page, Pokémon 6 was released Saturday in theatres. (Everyone gasp at the next few sentences.) At the end of the movie, there was a preview of something. Can anyone tell me what it was of? Yes (or no), you are (in)correct, it was of the next movie, which is the seventh one. Haha to all you Pokémon haters, there’s going to be another one, which shows that Pokémon is not dead. Unfortunately, the only thing the preview said was that the movie would be released at this time next year. Sorry everyone, I bet you wanted to know what the movie would be about, but no one knows. But, I solemnly swear, when the first detail is released on what the movie will be about, PokéBeach shall have the info! Well, that’s all for this week, PokéBeach will be a week old tomorrow. See ya then. WPM splashing out (well, actually going to Target, if you know what I mean for those of you that read the previous updates above.) Okay, instead, WPM driving out.
P.S. Still have not received any decks!