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Trades [USA Only] [H] EX/GX/FA/SR/Sealed Boosters [W] LIST, PSA 10 WOTC

Discussion in 'Buy, Trade, & Sell' started by Stolemyname, Dec 19, 2017.

  1. Stolemyname Bling Addict


    The coin is for trade, as well as a few regular art Hoopa EX, but the FA ones in my personal playset binder and not for trade.

  2. Stolemyname Bling Addict


    I do have 2 Brigettes, as well as 1 FA Lele and 1 RA Lele. However I'm not really looking for anything except what's on my list, and possibly older BW FAs.
  3. Tyler Beta Look at me. I am the captain now.
    Tyler Beta


    Okay, can you pm me?
  4. The Golden Mewtwo Aspiring Trainer
    The Golden Mewtwo


    Hello I am interested in:
    FA sycamore
    Espeon ex
    Computer search
    Both dark patches
    Pkease cml

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