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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Decmaster, Dec 26, 2010.

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    Oh ok thanks!

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    I'm curious whether a sealed box of 12 blister packs (each pack containing 3 Sealed Packs Of Crimson Invasion, 1 Promo Holo Card Decidueye/Lucario, 1 Online Code Card + 1 Shaymin Holo Flip Coin) is worth $116 for a future collection or future investment? :3
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    Well, that's already a really good discount, but I don't see CRI being worth a whole lot long term. Booster boxes are discounted as of today, while the set is still in standard. That can't be a good sign.
  4. Bart Aspiring Trainer


    Really? But I'm curious why they won't release modern 1st edition sets.
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    Reception of CRI was fairly tepid. Now if you can get some Guardians Rising, that might be worth something in a couple of years. Unless they pull a Roaring Skies on the set. Then all bets are off.
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    because that is something they stopped doing a long time ago and they see no reason to do it again as not many people say they want it and that is a collectors thing where pokemon set after set makes it very apparent being a collector takes buying way too many boxes. Crimson invasion 51% of the cards in the set were rare or better. Also with how much we open right out of print either we would get first editions and non first editions all at once or most of what is printed would be first edition making it not worth it anything special.
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    Buy a Tapu Lele GX if you can afford one or buy
    Shaymin EX 77/108
    Random Receiver (Item)
    Octillery 33/162
    Oranguru 113/149
    These can all help you if you are struggling to draw Supporter cards.
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    Hey there guys.

    I have a few questions regarding a starting collector if they're alright to post here? This is less about where to buy cards (although that too is important) and more about storage/preservation.

    The end goal at this stage would be a complete collection of each set, each promo AND each variant (including reverse holos and so on (one can dream...)

    What I'd like to know of any collectors out there is what they use to store their cards. I was considering:

    Ultrapro binders or toploaders preferably the official Pokemon ones
    Double sleeving, both ultrapro where available.

    I imagine I'd need quite large folders to accommodate both the sets and their reverse holos.
    Also, do Ultrapro sleeves hold EX/GX cards quite well? I'm thinking the sleeves that are double sided with EX cards might end up damaging them. Perhaps only single sleeving cards would be best?
    Lastly, are loose sleeves preferable to the folders where the sleeves are 'bound in' (toploaders?), if you will. I've always felt loose sleeves are prone to bending but the advantage would come in being able to replace them if they were damage.

    Any info would be greatly appreciated! Cheers :D
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  9. I'm not the best person to ask on this, but is you are going for complete sets, would you prefer one binder or multiple (i.e one per set)
  10. Vestra Aspiring Trainer


    Probably one per set and then maybe one or a few larger ones for promos by release. Really have to think on that one
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    Returning after about 20 years (original Rocket set was my last). I'm interested in playing both Standard and Expanded. I've bought a number of packs/blisters and some of the GX/Pin boxes. I've also bought the ULP ETB and a few theme decks. What I'd like to know, are the legendary decks and Battle Arena decks still mostly legal in expanded? And are they even legal or are they similar to the World Championship decks?
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    they are expanded legel but are bad if you wanna play go to the deck garage forum and look at the budget decks list and buy the cards you need to make a deck there as a starting point
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    Thank you! I enjoy tweaking theme decks for casual play so I wanted to make sure they weren't like the World Championship decks. I will check out the deck garage for some ideas as well.
  14. FrenchyB Aspiring Trainer


    They do have some good trainers and Item cards in them that are worth buying the legendary packs. In Canadian dollars I paid 30$ for two decks and calculated that I got roughly 100$ worth of cards, stuff like "N", Skyla, Muscle band, Prof Juniper, etc... oh, and a bunch of pretty nice looking Holo energy. The Pokemon are 50% ok but if you have 2 decks from the serie, its fun to play them casually.
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    Yeah, that's why I like theme decks, it gets you started on trainers and it's $12 for 60 cards. In packs, that'll get you 3 with 30 cards.
  16. Arc88 Aspiring Trainer


    Price range: 20-30 GBP

    Thinking of buying: I'm brand new and want to start out. Any help welcome.
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    I found that my local Walmart had three pack blisters of guardians rising (along with s and m base set) for $12CDN. Picked up 7 of them and pulled 7 Gxs including a tapu Lele and a full art turtonator.

    Not sure if the same discount is going on in the US or abroad.
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    I keep my main cards in D-ring binders and UltraPro pages. I sleeve my holo and GX cards in Dragon Shield sleeves which fit in the binder pages just fine. I keep Full Art/SR and Promos in UltraPro Side load portfolios for easier viewing. Bulk is kept in Elite Trainer Boxes with top loaders on the ends and side to prevent crushed cards and a desiccant pack. Everything but the bulk is stored in cedar lined drawers with desiccant packs for pest and moisture control.
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    I figured what I want to discuss/ask doesn't need an entire thread, this is a tangent (if you will) of a topic that has been beaten to death...
    "Perfect fits"/inner sleeves.
    This isn't, however, the dead and decomposed corpse of the "which sleeves are best" or "should I double sleeve" horse(s).

    I had been using UP perfects, but became concerned about them being too tight and warping my cards (over a considerable period of time).
    So, I finally decided to give KMCs a shot after a good amount of reading.
    I've used over 600 of them in the past month, so I think my sample size is large enough to reach the conclusion that I have.

    The consistency of KMCs is awful! The sizes and fits of the sleeves are erratic; the sleeves are more often than not too long and/or too loose.
    Far too often the sleeves won't stay on when putting them in DS sleeves, they won't quite fit in the DS sleeves, corners of the sleeves will bend... it's like I'm using penny sleeves and it is a major pita. I've had this issue with UP deck/colored sleeves as well.

    I read about the quality of KMC products tanking as of late, but don't recall this coming up in discussions about inners/perfects.
    I never had these issues with UPs. The only problem I ever had with UP perfects was, as mentioned, them being too tight. On occasion a few were so tight that I couldn't use them (either literally or from fear of damaging the card).

    I thought I was getting a fake product, so I got a pack of KMC perfects from my local shop, and the problems remained.
    Based on my experience, I cannot believe that KMCs are still constantly recommended, especially considering their cost.

    Anyway, to give some situational context:
    I'm first and foremost a collector, if I play, I do so online.
    I double sleeve my valuable and personal favorites. I then put them in a Z-folio where they remain until I reorganize or pull one out to "really show you the card."
    My cards will not experience shuffling, or any friction in general.
    This is my method of storage, I do not currently see any logical or economical reason to change this (change my mind?).

    Considering my usage and how I'm storing them, should I actually be concerned about UP perfects warping my cards? Is this something that is blown out of proportion/only an issue when using nothing but perfect fits?
    Any recommendations for perfects/inners that are not UP or KMC?


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