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  1. Shfinx I Solemnly Swear To Never Play a Meta Deck


    K so I was looking through the sets to pick one to make a deck for. I was going to go off of the prettiest set symbol (real deep thought process, I know) but then I saw Platinum Arceus. The very first set I ever bought. I decided to make one for that set. Furthermore, I saw that the actual theme decks were for two Arceus forms, but the Grass one wasn't one of them. Since that's the one I pulled, I'm making the deck around that. Furthermore, I have to make the second type Lightning for the express purpose of including ma boi Shinx, my namesake. I call it, "Leaf's Judgement" Your welcome for not calling it, "Judgement Swagger."

    NOTE: All cards are from the Arceus set. If I give a set number, it means there are two versions, and that is the one I chose.

    Pokemon: 29

    2x Arceus (grass form)
    2x Pikachu
    3x Electrike 62/111
    1x Manectric
    1x Zapdos G
    2x Tangela
    1x Tangrowth
    4x Shinx SH12 (I don't care it's a rare. This is the one. It's not the one I pulled, but it's the one that made me want to make Shinx my username. If having this invalidates it, then please just pretend it's the other one)
    3x Luxio
    2x Luxray
    2x Bagon 52/111
    1x Shelgon
    2x Cherubi
    2x Buneary
    1x Lopunny

    Trainers: 8
    2x Beginning Door
    1x Bench Shield
    2x Professor Oak's Visit
    1x Energy Retriever
    2x Ultimate Zone

    Energy: 23
    15x Water Energy
    8x Lightning Nergy

    Judgement doesn't always have to be harsh. Sometimes, judgement rules for peace and prosperity. For you, that is. Arceus and Lopunny make sure your Pokemon are always in tip top shape, setting up perfectly for Tangrowth to come in and devour the competition! Zapdos makes sure the opponent won't soon forget the name Team Galactic, and leads the attack with an array of other powerful Lightning types. Manectric shows that sometimes the best attacks are the simplest ones. To top it off, Luxray slowly builds up on the bench, protected by Bench Shield, and then swoops in at key moments to do massive damage! With powerful trainer cards that make it easy do swap between Pokemon, Leaf's Judgement will leave no doubt that even the mightiest of foes are still at the mercy of Arceus' judgement!

  2. Shfinx I Solemnly Swear To Never Play a Meta Deck


    Also, I have a question: If I were to make lists for battle arena decks, would those be invalid? I was thinking of trying to write up lists for the canceled Landorus vs. Genesect decks.
  3. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

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    They wouldn't count for the competition but they would be welcome! :)
  4. Shfinx I Solemnly Swear To Never Play a Meta Deck


    Okay, thanks for letting me know. I might work on them sometime, if I remember to.
  5. RisingRaichuu Aspiring Trainer

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    Updated with the Eel Queen theme deck!

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