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RayEels Decklist BW-on

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by Milky, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    Pokemon TCG Ray/Eels Deck (60)

    Pokemon (14)

    4 Rayquaza
    2 Rayquaza EX
    2 Raikou EX
    4-4 Eelektrik

    Trainers, Supporters, Stadiums (32)

    4 Catcher
    4 Ultra Ball
    3 Level Ball
    3 Random Receiver
    4 Juniper
    4 N
    3 Switch
    2 Eviolite
    1 Super Rod
    2 Skyarrow Bridge 

    Energy (14)

    9 Lightning {L}
    5 Fire {R}

    I was wondering if anyone could give me a few pointers with this Decklist. I'm currently playing ZekEels and I'm really glad the rotation is BW-on, it certainly frees up a lot of space in my deck and makes the meta a lot more healthy. I'll be explaining all my choices, some strategies, and some cards I really wanted to try and fit in but were uncertain of their viability.

    Rayquaza EX

    It's my belief that any RayEels deck should be straight to the point, I've found that Eels + Friends with Rayquaza doesn't really work. A straight 3 Rayquaza is enough, it provides an ample amount of attackers and I can only afford to have 3 KO'd anyway.

    Raikou EX

    It is speculated that Garchomp Altaria will be a really good deck in the next format. Garchomp is an uneven prize trade with Rayquaza EX, so I feel the best way to deal with this matchup is to snipe their support Altarias with Raikou. Regular Rayquaza is pretty crappy in my personal opinion, it's way too difficult to set up and is just dead space.

    Level Ball

    4 of these gives you the maximum chance to evolve your Eelektrik on turn two, and serves as Tynamo search / Ultra Ball fodder if you don't manage to get a Tynamo early on through drawing or already have some Eels set up.

    Random Receiver

    A max count of Random Receiver I feel is necessary in the new format. People aren't running Cheren/Bianca because they're good, they're running them to fulfill the 11 supporter minimum from the PONT days. I personally hate these supporters, so I run 4 Receiver to make just 4 Juniper and N viable. I included Bianca/Cheren to satiate the people who are going to scold me for not using the next best options.


    I really took Switch for granted this format. Only recently I had learnt you could only manually retreat once per turn, and this really messed with my play style. For those times where things are going slow and you only have 1 Rayray powered up and need to quickly retreat to the bench for a serving of Dynamotor then get back there, Switch is for those moments. Should I run 3 or 4 of these?

    Super Rod

    The deck has no Energy acceleration for fire. I don't want to run the special blend energies because they can be discarded by the opponent way too easily, and can't be searched for or retrieved. I originally ran two Super Rod, but found that one was enough in favour of making space for Switch, so I decreased the count for Super Rod to one. Is one alright? Should I go for two in favour of getting rid of too much fire energy to even attack? All the opposition has to do is knockout your fire energies and you're just left with a petty 100 per turn with Rayquaza. Maybe I'm exaggerating here, but fire energy is not as DCE is to ZekEels where it doesn't matter if it's gone. It's an essential cog in the clock tower.

    Fire Energy

    Should I run 4 or 5? Maybe I should decrease the count in favour of Super Rod or Energy retrieval? It's great for Raikou so that you have to only discard two energy and it's a necessity for Rayray.


    QUICKLY set up Eels with your maxed Ultra and Level Balls (8/60) and start applying early pressure with Rayquaza. Since there are a lot of stage Pokemon running around in the new format too much energy isn't required. Pick off support Pokemon with Raikou and get back discarded fire (Hammers) with Super Rod. Dominate with RayRay if they decide to target Raikou with some fighting dude.

    Tech Options:
    - Sableye

    The one and only tech anyone should consider. I found however, that it messes with RayRay's already inconsistent (enough) play not to warrant its use. Sure, it's a great Junk Arm re
    Lacement, but I really don't think I want to use it that much in this deck. Suggestions are appreciated, however.

    - Max Potion

    I wanted to include this, but my main fear is that I'll end up discarding too much fire energy on RayRay. It's great for Raikou, but Raikou isn't the main focus of this deck.

    - Super Scoop Up

    More flippy, but more useful. It's a heal, frees up bench space and is highly situational, but effective in those situations.

    Common Questions:

    Why a 4-4 Eelektrik line?

    4-4 Eels give you the maximum possible draw for them. Arguably, you'd only want to set up 2-3, but the 8/60 chance to manually draw into the line and the 8/60 chance to get a ball to search them is too good to pass up. 1/60 chance makes all the difference because you could have one prized or something.

  2. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    I'm not too sure what the rule on bumping is. I'd assume it's only allowed in the marketplace, but with this many views and so little replies, is my deck list perfect or something? :p
  3. Wooper Aspiring Trainer


    I think it's great. you've got everything prettymuch down. Nice.
  4. 27th_wonder pegasus boots: hyrule's finest and fastest


    only real suggestion I have is to exchange one of the EX pokemon for a single rayquaza

    40 for 1 energy (and deck thinning) could help you a lot, especially as it can donk deino/gible/swablu/tynamo

    it's very good deck you've built there. good luck in the future
  5. Mesprit Aspiring Trainer


    Actually, I need to say one thing
    Rayquaza doesn´t OHKO Deino, because Deino can be played from Noble Victories Set and doesn´t have Dragon Weakness

    But yes this deck also needs Rayquaza (Non EX) to get working well
    Rayquaza could maybe sometimes to get Donk with 40 Damage with single Lightning Energy
  6. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    1. The card has 3 retreat cost.
    2. A donk requires I have it in my starting hand and actually play it onto my field. If I only run one, how often do you think I will actually get the necessary cards to donk?

    These were the reasons why I didn't originally include it. I will add it in, however.
  7. KadyShack707 Cubone's Gavel


    The non-EX ray could also be the "7th prize", which always is good. But then again, it is your choice. I consider it an insurance. I run 1 tornadus ex in my zeels just in case of a fighting deck. 1st turn, I can search him out with ultra ball, then relax as they have a tough time with him. Same kinda thing with opening and you see they have something weak out. Hunt for Ray, then donk for easy lightning. If you are using switch and enough supporters, you should be alright in finding one. it's not like he is uber easily donked, so he can attack maybe 2 times on 1 energy. Ofcourse if could be prized, which is a bummer. Your choice, and your deck. Just my opinion :3
  8. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    That is not the correct mindset.

    This is going to sound "elitist" but it's not my deck. Someone else thought up the synergy between them. It's not my choice. It's a top tier deck, not a rogue. I don't feel any fun in trading cards, making top tier decks and winning tournaments for my own selfish purposes is the only reason I play.

    So if putting in Rayquaza makes it lose it's ability to come 1st in worlds, why would you ever play such a crappy card. Right now it's not in play yet but when it is, we will see what is good and what is not.
  9. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    I'm sorta lost here. Should I use Zekrom EX? It can OHKO all stage 2 dragons and doesn't have a weakness, evening out the prize trade without using shitty Pokemon like regular RayRay.
  10. Random Numbers creeper FTW!
    Random Numbers


    Zekrom EX is starting to become very inconsistent. It's slow if you start with it as your only basic Pokemon in your first 7 cards.
  11. PokemonMaster123 Aspiring Trainer


    This looks like a good deck :D
  12. silver116 <(~__~)>


    Looking at all the suggestion above, I would rewrite the deck like this:

    4x Tynamo
    4x Eelektrik
    3x Rayquaza EX
    1x Rayquaza (regular)
    2x Raikou EX

    4x Juniper
    3x N
    3x Cheren

    4x Ultra Ball
    4x Catcher
    3x Level Ball
    3x Random Receiver
    3x Eviolite
    2x Switch
    2x Super Rod
    2x Skyarrow Bridge 

    9x Lightning
    5x Fire
  13. Random Numbers creeper FTW!
    Random Numbers


    I would not put in regular rayquaza. Instead, put in a regular zekrom.
  14. Shaymin Lv.X Vissen zijn nat.
    Shaymin Lv.X


    Regular Rayquaza is amazing, Killing Tynamo's T1.
    Run 1 less Super rod and 1 less Ultra and add in 2 Max Potions,
    Max Potion helps your attackers like raikou ex and rayquaza ex from getting KO'd
  15. Clownshateu2 RIP Pokemon TCG: 1996 - 2011.


    Garchomp says hey there, hi there, ho there. Bargain Bob's.
  16. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    I've updated the decklist in favour of running 5 Fire Energy, 4 Switch and removing Cheren altogether.

    Regular Rayquaza won't be all that great.
    • You only run one copy, dont draw into it in your starting hand.
    • You draw it and a fire energy for your starting hand. Can't get the donk.
    • You finally get the three energy necessary to use its second attack, has less HP than Zekrom and does 30 less damage, wasting a fire energy in the process.
    • You get RayRay and a Lightning energy in your starting hand, flip a coin and go second.
    • You manage to do 40/KO their active Pokemon. You discard super rod and realize your opponent is playing Sableye Hammers.
    • RayRay is prized.
    • Three retreat cost, 'nuff said.

    I'd appreciate someone's opinion on this. This maybe something we can only figure once the new format comes into play but I realized none of the Garchomp/Altaria deck lists I've seen so far run Mewtwo.

    Mewtwo sweeps, anyone?
  17. Glace Top 8, Worlds 2013

    Advanced Member Member

    I would add a Rayquaza

    Rayquaza – Dragon – HP120
    Basic Pokemon

    [L] Dragon Pulse: 40 damage. Discard the top 2 cards from your deck.
    [R][L][C] Tear Up: 90 damage. This attack’s damage isn’t affected by any effects on the Defending Pokemon.

    Weakness: Dragon (x2)
    Resistance: none
    Retreat: 3

    Because you already use lightning, and it provides the early game pressure this deck needs.
  18. Random Numbers creeper FTW!
    Random Numbers


    Based on Milky's posts, I would not tell him to add a regular rayquaza.
  19. Milky 4 Mewtwo 4 Revive 48 Energy 4 DCE


    My posts are an invitation for rebuttal and speculation on said topic. If my arrogance is preventing you from suggesting any addition to the list, I'm truly sorry. Please provide arguments or points as to why you'd like me to include a card, as I have.

    Early game pressure is a good point. My main concern however, is drawing in to it to actually start applying early game pressure. Is regular Rayquaza a card I should run 1 or 4 of?
  20. Cake101 ______________________________________


    you should probably run 2-3 because you'd want to start with it but, you probably wouldn't want to get tons of them mid game. Also although it is Rayeels, you should have a strong non- EX attacker. Like Zekrom:p

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