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Standard Buzzwole GX Rush (Anti-Evo Deck)

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by GymLdrJesse, Sep 15, 2017.

  1. GymLdrJesse Coolest Trainer


    Yes, I am running just rainbows now. Although Im not super excited running a lot of special energy, it is better than awkwardly running fighting+psychic.

  2. GymLdrJesse Coolest Trainer


    I am not running Zygarde anymore. It ended up not making much sense, because I would rather stack energy on a benched buzzwole so I can knuckle impact.
    Trashalance is just too strong not to run. I am struggling to take those last 2 prizes a lot of the time, and having the threat of garb is really nice.
  3. GymLdrJesse Coolest Trainer


    I played a couple league tournaments with this list and won one & got 3rd in the second.

    The deck is definitely strong, I would say at least tier 2.
    It really puts the pressure on most evolution decks. It really is good when you get the turn 1 strong energy & ffb. This doesn't happen as often as I would like, but when it does you just win outright sometimes.

    Energy can be a problem, it really sucks when you have to put rainbows on your buzzwole, or when they run hammers. You don't run into that too often, though. Unless this list becomes really popular, I don't think people will punish special energy too much.
    If you can fit a special charge in the list, by all means, it can really save you late game.

    Other than that, you really struggle against big basics like volcanion EX. Fortunately, it has become much less popular at the moment. In that matchup, choice bands would definitely be preferred.
    I encourage people to build this deck, it is actually pretty budget friendly (unless your stupid like me and pay $15 for buzzwoles at pre-release LOL).
    It is not the most skillful deck to play, but if you want a straightforward list that does well against most of the meta, buzzwole is here for you. :)

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