(1) Chespin, Fennekin, and Froakie’s Types Revealed [1/14]

Discussion in 'Front Page News Archive' started by Water Pokémon Master, Jan 14, 2013.

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  2. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Aw, I was expecting something cool when I saw the article go up! like all of the basic forms would be dual-type or something. Instead, we just get told that, again, the base starter forms are mono-type.

    Which means Bulbasaur is still king of the pack.
    *waits for news on Gen 6 starter evolution types*
  3. Infinity Soccer Mom


    Doesn't matter much.
  4. Mitja veteran smartass


    Well it does.

    The main argument for Fennekin gaining Psychic is the fact it uses a move akin to Psywave in the trailer.

    However, all starters who gain secondary types, do not learn moves of said type before evolving, in fact, if you keep them unevolved, they learn other moves instead

    Mudkip -> Marhstomp
    Hydro Pump -> Earthquake

    Chimchar -> Monferno
    Facade -> Close Combat

    Or in other cases, they don't learn new typed moves at all, but merely a single one the moment they finish evolving.

    Charizard (36 Wing Attack)
    Pignite (17 Arm Thrust)
    Torterra (32 Earthquake)

    Or both!

    Combusken (16 Double Kick)
    Torchic -> Combusken
    Fire Spin -> Bulk Up
    nothing -> Sky Uppercut

    So, the Psy attack it uses in the trailer means nothing unless it was Fire/Psy from the beginning
    Fennekin being pure Fire, we know nothing about any types it might gain.

    The same also holds true for the "Night-slash"-like move from Chespin, although offensive Dark moves are more common than Psychic.
  5. Professor Bain Aspiring Trainer
    Professor Bain


    Remember speculations about Dewott being secondary Fighting because it learns Revenge.
  6. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Vulpix gets Extrasensory as an egg move. It and Ninetales are mono-type Fire.
    I'm not sure where you're going with this.
  7. Mitja veteran smartass


    Just pointing out it doesn't mean a thing, because people are fangasming about the possibility of gaining Psychic-type as it evolves ever since the trailer..
  8. Scorched Feathers Still going, I swear.
    Scorched Feathers

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    Aw. There goes my Psychic-Type Fennekin.
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  9. Kingdragonite Aspiring Trainer


    Wow Nintendo thanks for the confirmation.... I really thought fennekin was a grass type pokemon who can learn fire moves.... Thx for clearing that out
  10. Pokequaza Aspiring Trainer


    Nobody ever said that this was supposed to be shocking news, did they?
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  11. Zielo Caught 'em all.


    Lol I never would have thought they were going to be dual types, that wouldn't make sense and Im glad GameFreak didn't make them as such. Its always, always bothered me that Bulbasuar was a dual and the ONLY one, that throws everything off and makes it uneven. I guess its a nod for being the first Pokemon on the list, though?

    I do believe that the type of moves they used were a hint to what types they will evolve into. After all, they could have chose any moves, why ones of different types?
    As much as I would like to see grass/dark though, Chespin is such a happy looking little critter.. its hard to believe he would turn into something with a darkhearted look to it. :p
  12. rowewow u n s e r e ~ R o s e


    actually stil believe that they will have this sort o triad dark/psychic/fighting... but as usual in the other evolutionary stages.... anyway, i'm sure they'll learn some of their dual typing moves before evolving
    i just love the fact fennekin is another very japanese mystic fox
  13. Juliacoolo Sprites are lame.

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    /me yawns

    I hope Gen 6 news doesn't stay this slow for long...
  14. don()shinobi ...oh. You again.


    What? This is madness, I could have sworn Chespin was the Water type!

    Really, this information is virtually worthless to anybody who knows what Pokemon is.
  15. Mitja veteran smartass


    on what basis?
    Exactly the opposite happens, where the pre-evos actually have different moves on the learnsets that are then replaced by one or two of the secondary type AFTER they evolve. Check my other post.
  16. DNA Goodbye, everyone. I'll miss you all.

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    Ah, okay. I wasn't sure, since I looked at your post and to me it seemed like it could have gone either way.
    But yeah. It does mean nothing. Just a brief incidence of a move used like that isn't enough to say anything about.
  17. Aquapulse Aspiring Trainer


    Not really suprising, though, they didn't even reveal abilities yet...
  18. spacepiratenemo Aspiring Trainer


    I agree that the moves were deliberately chosen as a hint as to what they will evolve into.
    Keep in mind that the game is 10 months away and this is just demo footage. I think the fight scenes more
    than anything are staged, I mean what on earth is Chespin doing fighting a Golurk in the middle of a forest of all places, not even Golett, but Golurk. In Black and White you didn't even find them until way late in the game, your starter was most likely fully evolved by that point.
    Who knows maybe the starters don't even learn these moves at all in their basic forms.
  19. Flys Gone 2071 Also known as Flygon2071
    Flys Gone 2071


    I wanted Fennekin to be part Psychic just because having a Fire/Psychic starter would be really cool.

    I knew Froakie was only Water and Chespin looked like it too.
  20. grantm1999 VileGar


    Gee, maybe Torrent, Overgrow, and Blaze?

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