The Thunderstorm Gift Box was released in 2000 and features the Thunderstorm theme deck; the deck itself contains a holographic Fossil Zapdos card. The Zapdos is printed on galaxy holofoil paper like holo cards from sets released at the time, distinguishing it from the original Fossil Zapdos that used the old starry holofoil paper. The Thunderstorm theme deck primarily focuses on Lightning and Water-type Pokémon.

Included in the package aside from the theme deck are three random booster packs from Jungle to Gym Heroes, a metal Pikachu coin, a blue felt bag, cardboard damage counters, a rulebook, a card checklist, and a tip sheet that discusses how to improve the Thunderstorm deck. The metal Pikachu coin would later be re-released in the Legendary Collection, Expedition, Aquapolis, and Skyridge theme decks. The package also includes an instructional CD, “Pokemon TCG – Play It! Version 2,” which features an electronic deck builder, a virtual card album to track your collection, and seven 60-card decks that you can use to battle the game’s computer-generated player named Julie. The CD is an updated version of the one included in Base Set 2‘s 2-Player CD-ROM Starter Set.

~ Thunderstorm ~
Quantity Card Name Set No. Rarity
4x Lightning Pikachu Jungle #60 Common
1x Lightning Raichu Fossil #29 Rare
1x Lightning Zapdos Fossil #15 Rare Holo
1x Lightning Electabuzz Base Set 2 #24 Rare
1x Lightning Lt. Surge’s Voltorb Gym Heroes #84 Common
2x Lightning Magnemite Base Set 2 #79 Common
1x Water Misty’s Poliwag Gym Heroes #87 Common
2x Water Psyduck Fossil #53 Common
1x Water Psyduck Team Rocket #65 Common
1x Water Golduck Fossil #35 Uncommon
1x Colorless Doduo Base Set 2 #72 Common
1x Colorless Farfetch’d Base Set 2 #40 Uncommon
2x Colorless Spearow Jungle #62 Common
1x Colorless Fearow Jungle #36 Uncommon
2x Trainer Bill Base Set 2 #118 Common
2x Trainer Energy Retrieval Base Set 2 #110 Uncommon
2x Trainer Energy Search Fossil #59 Common
1x Trainer Misty’s Wrath Gym Heroes #114 Uncommon
1x Trainer Defender Base Set 2 #109 Uncommon
1x Trainer Potion Base Set 2 #122 Common
1x Trainer Poké Ball Jungle #64 Common
1x Trainer Professor Oak Base Set 2 #116 Uncommon
1x Special Energy Full Heal Energy Team Rocket #81 Uncommon
1x Special Energy Potion Energy Team Rocket #82 Uncommon
2x Special Energy Double Colorless Energy Base Set 2 #124 Uncommon
16x Basic Energy Water Energy Base Set 2 #130
8x Basic Energy Lightning Energy Base Set 2 #128
Thunderstorm Gift Box
Pikachu Coin - Thunderstorm Gift Box