Platinum is the 39th Pokemon Trading Card Game set, released in America on February 11th. The set is themed after the Pokemon Platinum video game and was the first to introduce Pokemon SP and the Lost Zone. It is the first set of the Platinum series. Currently, Platinum is tournament-legal and is expected to remain in the Modified format next season as well.


Platinum Set Resources

Release Dates

  • Japan: 39th set, released October 10th, 2008, a month after Pokemon Platinum was released in Japan.
  • America: 39th set, released February 11th, 2009, about four months after the original Japanese release and one month before Pokemon Platinum was released in America on ___.
  • Prereleases: The set was available at prereleases events two weeks before its official retail release. Prereleases took place on March 31st, April 1st, April 7th, and April 8th.

Set Size and Origins

  • Japan: 96 cards.
  • America: 133 cards. In addition to the 96 cards from the original Japanese set, 37 cards were added from an earlier Japanese set, ___, which was not in the original.

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Release Dates

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Jungle’s set symbol is the rafflesia flower, which is the flower Vileplume is based off of.
  • USA: June 16th, 1999, a little over six months after Base Set, and two years and three months after its original Japanese release.
  • Japan: March 5th, 1997, about four and a half months after Base Set.

Set Size

  • Japanese: 48 cards.
  • English: 64 cards (due to the inclusion of non-holo versions of holo cards).

Interesting Notes

  • Jungle is one of the smallest sets in the PTCG along with Fossil.
  • The sixteen additional cards in the U.S. release are due to Wizards of the Coast making non-holo versions of the holo cards in the set, a tradition that continued until Wizards’ last set, Skyridge. The original Japanese release did not have non-holo versions of the holo cards, nor did any Japanese set up until Expedition.
  • First edition print-runs of the set’s American booster packs and booster boxes made available the first English promo card ever, Pikachu (#1). The card is ultra-rare and extremely hard to find, but is non-holo. Although not known for sure, there was apparently one promo Pikachu in one booster box out of every ten (again, this is not confirmed).
  • The Japanese booster packs of Jungle had one holo card in every booster pack, starting a tradition that still exists today with the Diamond and Pearl Japanese sets. This was not previously true in the Japanese Base Set (where there was one holo out of every three packs, like the U.S. release).
  • This was the first set to introduce diverging evolution lines (Eevee into Vaporeon, Jolteon, or Flareon) and the use of different evolution cards (using Jungle Electrode instead of Base Set Electrode).
  • There is only one Psychic Pokemon in the entire set – Mr. Mime. Psychic Pokemon were often given the shaft in earlier TCG sets.
  • Jungle was the first (and only) set to feature only one Trainer card – Poké Ball.
  • Jungle, along with all sets released afterwards, had a set symbol, unlike Base Set.

Error Cards

  • Scyther without Jungle symbol vs. Regular Scyther

    Scyther without Jungle symbol vs. Regular Scyther
  • The last English print run of this set featured several error cards in which holographic cards lacked the Jungle symbol.
  • Some 1st edition Butterfree cards lacked ink on the “1” of the 1st edition symbol, making it look like a “d.” See our error cards page for scans.
  • Many 1st edition Electrode were printed with Base Set Electrode’s card art.
  • When Jungle‘s pre-release promo Clefable cards were made, several Base Set Raichu were accidentally mixed in with the batch (when getting stamped), creating the infamous prerelease Raichu cards.

Notable Cards

  • Scyther
  • Wigglytuff
  • Clefable
  • Mr. Mime
  • Lickitung

Product Prices and Breakdowns

  • An English booster pack of 11 cards cost $3.29, the price of a 60-card theme deck cost $9.99, and a booster box of 36 booster packs retailed for around $119.00.
  • A Japanese booster pack of 10 cards costs 291 yen (around $2.40).
  • Every English booster pack contains 11 cards, and has one rare card or one rare holographic card, 3 uncommon cards, and 7 common cards. A rare holographic is in one out of every three packs.
  • A Japanese booster pack contains 10 cards, with the same rarity breakdown as English booster packs, except with one less common card. A rare holographic is in EVERY booster pack, unlike Base Set.

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[page item=”title”] booster packs: Flareon, Scyther, Wigglytuff
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Pokemon Jungle booster pack

Pokemon Jungle booster pack

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