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Discussion in 'Creative Works' started by Zygarde, Apr 23, 2013.

  1. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    A Stadium that helps slow down the game and an Energy that works better on a slow metagame.
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  2. bbninjas Ready or Not!

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    I really like the Battle Subway! It feels like a nice way to nerf streaming of those big EXs. Hive Energy looks absolutely beautiful - you did a great job on it once again! Despite the creative possibilities, I personally think Hive Energy is going to have a few problems from a technical point of view. The ability for any Pokemon being able to use any Pokemon's attacks can easily make broken combinations, or at least combinations that are potentially very powerful. A few I could think of right now in official PTCG:

    Spinda PRC + Unfezant AT: Use Unfezant's Feather Dance and then attack with Spinda's Uproar to do 90 damage to everything. Perhaps unviable though.
    Any Omega Barrage Pokemon + a powerful attack: Potentially take two KOs a turn!!
    Alpha Growth Pokemon could make some attacks way too easy to set up and effectively break them (potentially Mewtwo-style attacks).
    Malamar XY Promo + any "flip a coin, this Pokemon can't be damaged" style attacks.
    Politoed FFI + any highly [C] attack: attacks for no energy.
    Noivern FFI, Dragonite-EX, could also get particularly powerful.

    In your set:
    Cloyster + Powerful attack (potentially)
    Empoleon + any highly [C] attacks

    It also needs to have a clause like this: (You still need the necessary Energy to use each attack.)

    By the way, while looking back through your set, I noticed Aerodactyl is missing a word in its PokeBody.
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  3. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    Thanks, gonna update Aerodactyl, Hoopa Unbound ('numer' lol) and Hive Energy with the clause.

    About Hive Energy, yeah, it could become pretty broken, especially with Omega Barrage, Delta Plus and AT Malamar as attackers. Since I'm making this as a reboot set, I don't feel that either Cloyster or Empoleon would be too broken with it. Remember that you'd have to waste 2 turns to make use of it, you can only have 4 in your deck and that there isn't a way to recover Special Energy in Welkin. If it becomes too problematic, Special Energy-hate cards can be made :p
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  4. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    Trying to make Computer Search not broken.


    Sorry that I'm taking so long to finish the set.
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  5. Zygarde Z-Dawg


    It is someone's birthday!

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  6. Athena The Cooler Danchou

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    Ohman, that's gorgeous! :D I super love the deep plum background to reflect the dual Psychic/Dark typing, and the image you chose is perfect.

    The info bar being a blank band of pink holo kind of stands out, though. I took a look at the OP to compare this to other URs and some of them have a similar holo bar and some have the info like the other cards. Is there something I'm missing about this?
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