News 'Zygarde Complete Collection Pin Box' in February!

Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Water Pokémon Master, Oct 14, 2016.

  1. Skeleton Liar サーナ~
    Skeleton Liar


  2. Mr. Rhyperior The Drill Pokemon. An evolve form of Rhydon.
    Mr. Rhyperior


    Yay! Cool promo! 3 SM packs, super cool! 11 cards per pack, Mega cool!
  3. Lostlorn Forest Sinnoh is the best region
    Lostlorn Forest


    The Pokemon on the middle pack art is probably Decidueye.
  4. Baldnitrome2 Data Error


    I say, is a little slow, since it needs 3 turns to charge up

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