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Standard Zeraora GX Deck

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by suraci, Jul 13, 2018.

  1. suraci The Angel That Flew Too Close To the Sun


    Pokemon: 15
    Tapu-Lele GX - 2
    Zeraora GX - 4
    Raikou GX - 2
    Magnemite - 3
    Magnezone - 3
    Tapu Koko GX - 1

    Trainers: 31
    Electric Power - 4
    Ultra Ball - 4
    Switch -3
    Energy Retrieval - 2
    Lysandre's Lab - 3
    Thunder Mountain Prism Star- 1
    Cynthia -4
    Guzzma -3
    Judge - 3
    Rare Candy -4
    Super Scoop Up - 2

    Energy: 14
    Lightning Energy

  2. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    I am interested in why you chose Raikou GX, it is literally one of the worst GX’s in the game at the moment

    Is it budgeted?
  3. Dark Espeon Dark Avatar
    Dark Espeon


    Hi suraci,

    Nice deck idea. I am not sold on some card choices. Below is a list of modifications for your consideration:

    - 3 Magnezone (Seems to slow to accelerate and also relies heavily on cards in hand. In SM-on hand sizes seem to be lower than now)
    - 3 Magnemite (not needed when you loose the Magnezone line)
    - 2 Raikou GX (seems underwhelming as an attacker)

    + 2 Raikou SHL (nice acceleration and starter)
    + 2-2 Garbodor line or Zebstrika line (depending on whether you want an alternate attacker that hits for psychic weakness or more draw power)

    -2 Switch (Zeraora provides free retreat anyway and you have access to Guzma)
    -2 Energy Retrieval (not needed without Magnezone)
    - 2 Super Scoop Up (dislike unreliable coinflip cards)
    - 4 Rare Candy (not needed without Magnezone)
    - 2 Judge (two are sufficient since Judge is a suboptimal draw supporter but moderately decent disruption)

    + 1 Electric Power (max them out for consistency since Zeraora GX needs them to hit number with Lysandre's Lab out)
    + 3 Sightseer (stable draw trainer to increase the consistency of the deck. Looks at it as a slightly worse Professor Sycamore)
    + 3 Lillie (since hand sizes will often be low in SM-on she is a decent draw supporter in this format)
    + 3 Nest Ball / Mysterious Treasure (consistent search for Pokémon. Use Nest Ball if you decide on Zebstrike and Mysterious Treasure if you go for Garbodor)
    + 1 Volkner (decent 1-off search card in this deck to get stuff out fast
    + 2 Field Blower (discarding stadiums and tools is still good even with Lysandre's Lab out since I expect counter-stadiums to be more popular)
    + 1 Rescue Stretcher (nice item card to recover needed Pokémon from the discard)

    - 3 Lightning Energy (only if you decide on Garbodor instead of Zebstrika. If you choose Zebstrika ignore this proposed modification)

    + 3 Unit Energy LPM (enable Garbodor to attack mid- to late-game)

    I do like the idea to use Electric Power in combination with Lysandre's Lab since there are some decks that may need Choice band to ohko Zeraora GX. Did not test this idea but it looks nice on paper. Hope this provides some initial assistance. You can also look at the variant I posted to see if you find something that could help you to tweak your deck there.
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  4. suraci The Angel That Flew Too Close To the Sun


    Pokemon: 13
    Tapu-Lele GX - 2
    Zeraora GX - 4
    Raikou SHL - 2
    Blitzel -2
    Zebstrika -2
    Tapu Koko GX - 1

    Trainers: 34
    Electro Power - 4
    Ultra Ball - 4
    Lysandre's Lab - 3
    Thunder Mountain Prism Star- 1
    Cynthia -4
    Guzzma -3
    Wishful Baton - 2
    Sightseer - 3
    Lillie -3
    Nest Ball -3
    Volkner -1
    Field Blower -2
    Rescue Stretcher -1

    Energy: 13
    Lightning Energy

    Thx for the help, I decided to use Zebstrika for draw power and delete the judges. I added Wishful Baton in case someone attempts to take advantage of a counter stadium and is able to kill Zeraora in the same turn.
  5. Mega Mewthree... A new threat has appeared.
    Mega Mewthree...


    Hey there. I am think of making a deck very similar to this and I would probably include Xurkitree GX. It messes with special energy heavy decks and has a pretty good GX attack. Also 180 hp is not bad.
  6. aPOLLo Deck Build Help


    Its very good, also with its handy GX attack if in trouble

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