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Yveltal EX / Malamar EX / Hydreigon

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by skyla27, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. skyla27 Aspiring Trainer



    • 3 Yveltal EX
      2 Malamar EX
      1 Darkrai EX
      3 Deino PHF
      2 Zweilous PHF
      3 Hydreigon (2 PHF, 1 LT)
      2 Yveltal XY

    • 4 Professor Sycamore
      4 Skyla
      3 N
      2 Colress
      2 Lysandre's Trump Card
      1 Lysandre
      4 Ultra Ball
      3 Rare Candy
      2 Shadow Circle
      2 Professor Letter
      2 Muscle Band
      2 Head Ringer
      1 Scoop Up Cyclone ACE SPEC

    • 8 Darkness Energy
      4 Double Colorless Energy

    The strategy here is to use Yveltal EX to attack, and use Darkrai/Hydreigon/Malamar as bench support for the abilities to provide free retreat and accelerate energy. May wind up replacing the head ringers with 2 E-switch, but we will see. pretty strong in testing but it has a lot of checks. I feel like Shadow Circle is a strong play with Mega Manectric running around and i feel like yveltal ex is a natural counter to a lot of the metal energy accel taking place. setting up one of each hydreigon is ideal for having accel and transfer ability, but the priority lies in setting up the newer hydra for pure accel, so that e-switch/y-cyclone can do their job. Opinions?

  2. Vinub Aspiring Trainer


    I was thinking on something similar, like that:


    • 2 Yveltal EX
      1 Yveltal XY
      2 Malamar EX
      1 Victini LTR
      1 Darkrai EX
      3 Deino PLF
      1 Zweilous PLF
      3 Hydreigon (1 PHF, 2 LTR)

    • 2 Shadow Circle
      3 Professor Sycamore
      4 N
      4 Ultra Ball
      2 Rare Candy
      3 Muscle Band
      1 Trick Coin
      2 Lysandre
      3 Colress
      2 Startling Megaphone
      2 VS Seeker
      1 Master Ball ACE SPEC
      2 Skyla
      2 Max Potion

    • 8 Darkness Energy
      2 Rainbow Energy
      3 Double Colorless Energy
  3. My Little Keldeo Submarine Reflection!
    My Little Keldeo


    i'd suggest removing one of the Malamar-EX for either a second Darkrai or a Max Potion. Personally I'm not a fan of it, but I can understand why you'd want to play it. There's a 50% chance that your opponent's active will remain asleep between turns, and with eight Dark energies, the odds of missing a critical attack or two are decent. Still, it's not something you want to be stuck with when you need consistency or one of your Pokemon is about to be knocked out (I'm against flip reliance in general, but if you're aware of the odds and factor them in, it's somewhat different). Malamar's attack is terrible though. Any time I've used stuff like this, I've always come up one heads short of a KO, only to get wrecked and lose all my energy. Yveltal-EX can hit "magic numbers" pretty easily, and is more conservative with energy. This said, we can remove Trick Coin as well.

    Max Potion is absolutely essential though. I'd suggest three, perhaps four if you can squeeze them in. That's really the whole point of running Hydreigon DRX/ LTR. Also, you should use Dowswing Machine or Computer Search for your ACE SPEC. Max Potion accomplishes the same thing as Scoop up Cyclone for you, but is a regular Item.

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