You Can’t Spell Dialga Without IA — How an Iowan Took Dialga to a Regional Championship


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Hello PokeBeach readers! Isaiah here and I am happy to be writing another article for you all. Last time, I discussed a Groudon focused version of a Lost Zone box deck. At the time, I was strongly considering it for the Indianapolis Regional Championships, but I ultimately moved away from it at the last minute, instead opting to play a Charizard ex deck list with Maximum Belt for the mirror. I was able to make Day 2 with the deck, but I had an underwhelming Day 2. However, Ian Robb was able to take our list to a Top 8 finish, so the deck was not a complete flop.
One other deck that me and some of my friends were considering was Origin Forme...

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Dialga didn’t really do to well in any of the tournaments since Indy, but my guess is that it’s just because nobody wanted to pivot last second. Now that it’s known as a good deck, I’m interested to see how it’ll do in LA this weekend.