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Alt. Format Yanmega BREAK

Discussion in 'PTCG Deck Garage' started by PineDog, Jun 10, 2016.

  1. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Yanmega BREAK Deck:
    Pokemon (21)
    • 3x Yanmega BREAK *HP buff plus semi-decent attack*
    • 4x Yanmega *Main attacker*
    • 4x Yanma *Evolution*
    • 2x Ariados *Extra damage*
    • 2x Spinirak *Evolution*
    • 1x Manetric-EX *Secondary attacker*
    • 2x Octillery *Hand consistency*
    • 2x Remoraid *Evloution*

    Trainers (33)
    • 4x Judge *Bringing out Sonic Vision*
    • 1x Professor Birch's Observations *Possibility of 4 cards*
    • 1x Lysandre * Bringing out benched Pokemon*
    • 4x VS Seeker *Reuse supporters*
    • 2x Matinence *Hand management*
    • 3x Revalitizer *Pokemon acceleration*
    • 3x Battle Compressor *Discarding Yanma line and then Revalitizer-ing them back in*
    • 3x Ultra Ball *Bringing out Pokemon*
    • 1x Special Charge *Reusing Double Colorless Energies*
    • 3x Head Ringer *Distuption*
    • 3x Muscle Band *Extra damage*
    • 4x Forest of Giant Plants *Evolution boost*

    Energy (7)
    • 4x Double Colorless Energy *Energy*
    • 3x Lightning Energy *Energy*

    Strategy: Bring out Yanmega BREAK as quickly as possible with Forest of Giant Plants and boost damage with Ariados while keeping a constant 4 hand for free attack with Octillery (using the ability and then using 1 card,) and Judge, while fulfilling Yanmega's attack with Head Ringer to disrupt your opponent's active Pokemon with higher attack cost.

    *Note: This is currently under Alt. Format due to Steam Siege isn't out yet and a good amount of cards are in that set, when August 3 roles around (a couple of days before my birthday,) this will be updated to Standard.*
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  2. Javi Blizz Spanish TCG Player
    Javi Blizz


    Hey! I like the idea of the deck, but I'd do some changes:
    -1 Karen: You're literally attacking for free, and Yanmega is going to kill everything in NM, so it's like in a NM mirror match (talking about the prize exchange). I don't think Karen will improve this match up.
    -1 AZ: you're not really playing any card that must be scooped up.
    -4 Puzzle of Time: there are better items for the deck.
    -3 Grass Energy: you really don't need them, so if you any of the things I'm going to say, change the type.
    -1 Sycamore: it gives you always 7 cards.

    +3 Battle Compressor: discard Yanma/Yanmega/BREAK/Spinarak/Ariados and then put them in hand using revitalizer
    +1 Revitalizer: it acelerates pokemon, not energies, which is good for grass decks.
    +1 Manectric EX/Glalie EX: you want your opponents pokemon to have a tool, so Manectric can take some benefits of its attack (it's based on the same that Yanmega's); you want to have 4 cards in hand too, and you'd probably use Judge for that. If you and your opponent have the same number of cards in your hand, Glalie's Instant Froze does 150 damage. Those options gives you something to use against [L] type decks, witch hit x2 damage to Yanmega. I'd choose Glalie EX, as it OHKOes Raikou.
    +3 Lightning/Water Energy: for the pokemon you choose.
    +1 Special Charge: get some DCE back
    +1 Professor Birch's Observations: it can give you a 4 cards hand.

    I hope you find something here usefull ;)
  3. PineDog Random TCG Trainer


    Ey, I edited the deck. So, thanks for your recommendations. The Revalitizer mistake was because I was tired when I created this decklist. I have a spare Manetric-EX so I'll try the deck with that, (When Steam Siege comes out.) I personally believe Yanmega BREAK to be one of the better Pokemon cards from this set along with Xerneas BREAK and Toxicroak/Croagunk.
  4. Butt3rBob Aspiring Trainer


    Good list for sure, Head Ringer could be a good conclusion if you want to utilize Regular Yanmega's attack more efficiently. And I like the inclusion of Manectric EX in this deck. Also Pokemon Ranger doesn't really matter because Yanmega BREAK's attack isn't affected by effects on the defending Pokemon so it goes through Glaceon's attack. Hope this helped.

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