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Discussion in 'PTCG Competitive Play' started by Blui, Sep 27, 2013.

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  1. Blui lv85 paladin



    The player who goes first cannot attack

    Pokemon Catcher is erreta'd to require a flip

    You cannot play Professor Scyamore and Professor Juniper in the same deck

    I am disgusted. Discuss.

  2. Cortel II I am the Doom master
    Cortel II


    Well I like that they're bringing back the no attacking if you go first . It helps several ways, first it allows stage 2 decks to be run more often as you pretty much remove donking entirely , minus an absolutely tarrible hand. And it actually makes a play consider if they want to go first or second.

    I don't like catcher change, it'll still be a good card but I have a feeling a lot of people will be playing less or at least it's not going to be a 4of in every deck made.

    The last one idk what sycamore does but I'm guessing its close to juniper so that doesn't phase me in the slightest .
  3. Camoclone TCG Articles Head

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    The first thing I noticed is that anything with less than 3 beaches will become less competitive. They will need to nerf beach a bit.

    The catcher change is bad due to so many games now coming down to a coin flip.

    Sweet Juniper is back...Honestly I could care less.
  4. Cortel II I am the Doom master
    Cortel II


    When do you think they will implement the rule changes for the season in North America? When the starter decks are released in November or the first XY set in February?
  5. Gusto83 Aspiring Trainer


    Well,The X/Y "Kalos Starter Set" will be coming out November 8th and "Sylveon Collection" November 15th in the U.S.of A. Also; The web site http://www.pokemon-card.com/howto/new-rule/index.html#anc15 announced that the 8th of November the change in rules will be in effect.
    In other Notes: Don't care much about the Flip/catcher rule.
    Oh,and now it's what? 50min time limit for each game play? With the: Cant use skill on first players turn.I would not worry over Speed decks as much. :p I do say it's going to kill TDK
  6. Blah DBT


    Please discuss this in the news thread that was posted... http://www.pokebeach.com/forums/thread-1-rules-changes-coming-with-x-y-tcg-9-27
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