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Discussion in 'Pokémon Trading Card Game' started by Mfgloom, Jul 22, 2020.

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    The question is in the title. I am just curious because the pokemon community has a habit of anointing the next best deck and one that has "died" every new expansion. I understand that Eternatus Vmax is very scary looking for dragapult Vmax players but weakness hasn't been everything in the past. Zoroark Gx was still fantastic up until rotation despite Buzzwole Gx and baby buzz posing a threat. What factors are working for and against dragapult Vmax in this new upcoming meta? I personally feel it is too early to judge the meta for 2021 and I am reluctant to go off tier lists made on youtube or Reddit due to their inaccuracy in the past.

    So help a brother out, lets have a convo about why people think dragapult Vmax might be dead or why people are still high on this card. Be nice in the comments!

  2. CrownAxe Aspiring Trainer


    Zoroark GX is not a good example of weakness not mattering because Zoro decks always featured a partner with a different weakness that it could pivot to in the fighting match up (namely Golisopod and Lycanroc). That's why Zoro decks had no problem handling Buzzwole, Lycanroc decks.

    Not only that but giving up 3 prizes instead of 1-2 exacerbates the issue has your opponent only needs two attacks to win the entire game. A problem for Drapapult VMax since it usually need 3 attacks to KO another VMax (and just makes up for it with the spread setting up multiple easy KOs later)
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    I see your point yes you are right. Zoro is probs not the best example. However, Dragapult doesn't lose the ability to set up for later KO's. So is that still not valid when talking about the deck still being good?
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    I set up the math on this one.

    Dragapult needs 3 attacks for it's first KO
    But Eternatus has taken all 6 prizes in 2 attacks

    Dragapult can't compete if Eternetus has won the game before Dragapult even takes it's first prizes
  5. Guzma4GAME Aspiring Trainer


    I love dragapult but because of eternatus coming out and spiritomb being popular now dragapult dosent stand a chance

    Spiritomb is a 1 prizer that can kill a dragapult in 1 to 2 attacks so in the prize trade off your going to lose

    Against eternatus, dragapult cant win because eternatus is a tank that can hit for a bunch so dragapult dies to quickly

    Dragapult is good but with decks that can ko it so easily just makes it obsolete
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    Not to mention, on top of what you mentioned in that argument, the dragapult slayer can even attach the Cape of Toughness on Spiritomb/Eternatus VMAX, maybe drop a Galarian Ziggy for 1 more damage counter for Spiritomb to KO, even if Dragapult's weakness was removed by any means, or even Centiscorch VMAX w/ 3+ Heat F and/or Fire Energy attachments, and you get a Dragapult VMAX battered by its subpar minimum KO point of 320 HP combined w/ all those decks that can KO it in 1-2 shots AND last through its 130 on active + 5 counters(50 damage) on bench. Battered to the point where it is not among the top tier pokemon any longer...

    ^ But does that justify what they meant when they said "Dragapult VMAX is dead"?


    ...but in reality, it's not fully dead...

    Just not in T1(which is currently occupied by Zacian V/ADP at top)OR Tier 1.5(which is currently occupied by Pikachu & Zekrom-GX at top) anymore...

    ^ Are people only interested in Tier 1/1.5 and/or do they see Tier 2 and lower as dead decks?
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    Dragapult VMAX gets killed really easily. All you need is a full bench, maybe less depending on the zigzagoon hits. Chances are the first knockout will be on a dragapult v, and if it had an energy on it, you're gonna lose quite some tempo while they can, worst comes to worse, just boss' orders the next one asap and make your game nigh unwinnable. I think it's a hard situation. Now, depending on how hard item lock and control preyed on eternatus in japan, if it wasn't for the rotation, maybe the deck could stay viable. After the rotation, it's hard to tell 100%, but since control and vikavolt lose a bit of power after 2 weeks, it seems like it should be a tougher environment for dragapult.

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