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Discussion in 'Beachfront Hangout' started by Baldnitrome2, Apr 11, 2018.

  1. Attix Electric Delivery Driver from Washington


    I'm the great Pacific Northwest, Seattle-Tacoma area, specifically.

    Just for fun, try to pronounce the following correctly, and I'll give you a somewhat mossy piece of cedar with your name scratched into it as an award:

    • Puyallup
    • Issaquah
    • Spokane
    • Nisqually
    • Takhlahk
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  2. bidou Aspiring Trainer


    I'm living in Lyon, FRANCE :D
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  3. Matux Aspiring Trainer


    I'm living in Grenoble, France :p
  4. Pokemon Trainer Melanie Aspiring Trainer
    Pokemon Trainer Melanie


    I am from Michigan
  5. Having been living in the Pacific Northwest for basically my entire life, I know all of those pronunciations like the back of my head :cool:
  6. Jackster 136 Aspiring Trainer
    Jackster 136


    I come from the England

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